Winner Profiles

Honoring and highlighting the winners of the Melges 24 regattas - from the local regattas to the World Championships and the best of the continental rankings and series!

Podium place is always an achievement to desire and admire!


Name Boat name Position Rank Country
Adam Burns Presto Corinthian United States
Adrian Huber Poison Rouge Owner/Helmsman Overall Switzerland
Akiyoshi Kimura Zenda Express Owner/Helmsman Overall Japan
Akos Csolto
Akos Csolto Seven-Five-Nine; Chinook Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Hungary
Alan Field
Alan Field WTF Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Albert "Alba" Batzill
Albert „Alba“ Batzill No Woman No Cry & Vito & Courage X Helmsman Corinthian Germany
Alberto Bolzan
Alberto Bolzan Saetta, Hurricane - Murphy & NYE, Bette Helmsman & crew Overall Italy
Alec Cutler Hedgehog BER555 Helmsman Overall Bermuda
Aleš Zupanc Little Big Man Owner/Helmsman Overall Slovenia
Alessandro Rombelli STIG Helmsman / Owner Overall Italy
Alex Shafer Vixen, Sweaty Betty Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Anders Pedersen Helly Hansen NOR600 Helmsman Overall Norway
Andrea Pozzi
Andrea Pozzi Bombarda Owner/Helmsman Overall Italy
Andrea Racchelli
Andrea Racchelli Altea Owner/Helmsman Overall Italy
Andy Vincon Mrs. Bones Helmsman Overall Great Britain
Andy Wharton Accrewed Interest Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
Angelo Di Terlizzi
Angelo Di Terlizzi Marrakech Express Owner Corinthian Italy
Anna Luschan
Anna Luschan AUT502 Owner / Helmsman Overall Austria
Ante Botica
Ante Botica Mataran 24 Helmsman & Owner Corinthian Croatia
Ante Cesic Razjaren CRO728 Helmsman Overall Croatia
Antoine Albaret Cotes d'Armour Perros Guirec Corinthian France
Antonio Masoli Skorpios Helmsman/Owner Corinthian Italy
Ants Haavel
Ants Haavel Freddy Owner/Helmsman Overall Estonia
Argyle Campbell
Argyle Campbell Rock' n Roll Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Arpad Litkey Team Proximo, Virus Helmsman Overall Hungary
Attila Bujaky HÓD Helmsman & Owner Overall Hungary
August Hernandez High Voltage Corinthian United States
Augusto Poropat Marrakesh Express Corinthian Italy
Barbara Bomben AleAli Eurocart Owner Corinthian Italy
Bea Majoross Passion HUN780 Owner/Helmsman Overall Hungary
Ben Stone Why Knot Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Great Britain
Benjamin Cohen EFG/GroupPartouche Overall France
Bjørn Mørland-Pedersen Team BoomBoom Owner/Helmsman Overall Norway
Bo Boje Pedersen
Bo Boje Pedersen Up Up UP Owner/Helmsman Overall Denmark
Bob Kroetsch Rogue Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Bora Gulari
Bora Gulari Air Force One, West Marine Rigging, New England Ropes, Simplicity, Mavi Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Botond Weores Strange Brew Helmsman Overall Hungary
Brent McKenzie Ex-Kahn Owner / Helmsman Corinthian United States
Brian Porter
Brian Porter Full Throttle Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Bruce Ayres
Bruce Ayres Monsoon Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Bruno Jourdren D'Aucy Helmsman Overall France
Burke Melia No Mercy Helmsman/Owner Overall Australia
Cameron Miles
Cameron Miles Roger That Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Australia
Carlo Fracassoli
Carlo Fracassoli Maidollis & Gullisara & Saetta Helmsman Overall Italy
Carlo Vroon
Carlo Vroon Gelikt Owner/Helmsman Overall The Netherlands
Cedric de Kervanoael Encore & Bouygues Telecom Owner Overall France
Cedric Pouligny
Cedric Pouligny Big Ship Overall France
Chelsea Simms Straightarrow Owner Overall United States
Chris Larson
Chris Larson West Marine / New England, Rosebud Owner/Helmsman/Coach Overall United States
Chris Links
Chris Links Cavallino, Banta Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
Christen Horn Johannessen
Christen Horn Johannessen Baghdad, Helly Hansen II Lisa Helmsman Overall Norway
Christian Roman Overall France
Christof Wieland
Christof Wieland Unsponsored Corinthian Germany
Christoffer Sundby Oslo Flaggfabrikk Owner/Helmsman Overall Norway
Christopher Rast
Christopher Rast EFG, Blu Moon Owner & Helmsman Overall Switzerland
Christopher Renker Cytrus Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Switzerland
Chuck Holzman Corinthian United States
Claes Rojning Sitting Duck Owner/Helmsman Overall Sweden
Conor Clarke
Conor Clarke Embarr Owner Overall Ireland
Cristobal Perez Ilmostro Owner & Helmsman Overall Chile
Cuyler Morris Dark Horse Owner Overall United States
Dachi Wada Owner/Helmsman Overall Japan
Dan Berezin Surprise Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Canada
Dave Alexander Foxtrot, The Farm Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
Dave Brede 12 Happy Thoughts Overall United States
Dave Bull Jester Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
David Dabney Wireless Corinthian United States
David King Team 505 Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
David Pinner
David Pinner Kiss Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Great Britain
David Rowen
David Rowen Imagine Owner/Helmsman Overall Great Britain
David Ullman
David Ullman Pegasus 505 Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
David Young No Comment, The Kraken Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
Davide Rapotez Marrakech Express Helmsman Corinthian Italy
Dietrich Scheder GER 537 Helmsman Overall Germany
Don Jesberg
Don Jesberg Viva Corinthian United States
Donald Holst Guten Tag Corinthian United States
Doug Clark First Crush/M-Fatic Overall United States
Doug Kessler P&P Sailing Team Owner Overall United States
Drew Freides
Drew Freides Pacific Yankee Helmsman Overall United States
Duane Yoslov Looper Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Duncan Stamper
Duncan Stamper Goes to eleven Owner and helmsman Corinthian Canada
Dwight LeBlanc TRIPLE D's Helmsman/Owner Overall United States
Eddy Eich
Eddy Eich Courage X & Musto Racing Owner Corinthian Germany
Eelco Blok
Eelco Blok Team Kesbeke/SIKA/Gill Owner Overall The Netherlands
Egidio Babbi
Egidio Babbi Ebrex Logistic Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Italy
Eiichiro Hamazaki
Eiichiro Hamazaki Esprit Corinthian Japan
Eivind Melleby
Eivind Melleby Full Medal Jacket Owner/Helmsman Overall Norway
Enia Nincevic Cezibordo Owner/Helmsman Overall Croatia
Enrico Fonda
Enrico 'Chicco' Fonda Maidollis & Gullisara & Audi Tactician Overall Italy
Ernesto Brianza Epervier Overall Italy
Federico Michetti
Federico Michetti Ale Ali, Uka Uka Racing, Full Throttle (USA), Star (USA), Air Force One (USA), Monsoon (USA), Pacific Yankee (USA) Trimmer Overall Italy
Ferenc Schwarz TechnoTrade Owner / Helmsman Overall Hungary
Filip Jurisic StrilicaZuxu Owner/Helmsman Overall Croatia
Flavio Favini
Flavio Favini Blu Moon Helmsman Overall Italy
Franco Rossini
Franco Rossini Blu Moon Owner Overall Switzerland
Francois Brenac DRP Partner & Partners Helmsman Overall France
Franz Urlesberger Schönherr Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Austria
Fraser McMillan
Fraser McMillan Sunnyvale Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Canada
Fred Rozelle Rustler Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Furio Patrizio Monarco Billo Buccani Owner/Helmsman Overall Italy
Gabriele Benussi
Gabriele Benussi Caipirinha Jr, Marrakech Express, Blu Moon, Audi Helmsman, Tactician Overall Italy
Gabrio Zandona
Gabrio Zandona Joe Fly Helmsman Overall Italy
Gary Schwarting Obsession Owner / Helmsman Corinthian United States
Geoff Carveth
Geoff Carveth Gill Race Team Helmsman Corinthian Great Britain
Geoff Fargo Viper Owner / Helmsman Overall United States
Geoff Fogarty Amigos Corinthian Australia
Geoff Masters Mako Sunglasses Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
George Haynie Firewater Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Geri Dahl Anderson Lek Helmsman Overall Norway
Gianfranco Noe AleAli Eurocart Helmsman Corinthian Italy
Gianluca Perego
Gianluca Perego Maidollis Owner Overall Italy
Giorgio Marchi Marchingenio Owner Overall Italy
Giorgio Zuccoli
Giorgio Zuccoli Ale Ali Helmsman Overall Italy
Giovanni Maspero Joe Fly Owner Overall Italy
Gisle Bjørsrud Bø Kaboom Owner/Helmsman Overall Norway
Goran Ivankovic Fjonda Helmsman Overall Croatia
Gord Galbraith Lekker Corinthian Canada
Günter Tzeschlock
Günter Tzeschlock K H+P Owner/Helmsman Overall Germany
Guy Mossman USA786 Owner Overall United States
Harry Melges
Harry Melges III Star / Baghdad / Full Throttle / Zenda Express Helmsman Overall United States
Harry Melges IV
Harry Melges IV Zenda Express Helmsman Overall United States
Heath Townsend Kaito Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
Heath Walters
Heath Walters Amigos Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
Helmut Gottwald ORCA Owner / Helmsman Overall Austria
Hendrik Witzmann Ferun sponsored by Wirsol, Team Sonnenkönig Helmsman Overall Germany
Henrik Hoffmann Jedi Business Owner Overall Hungary
Henry Filter Wild Child Owner/Helmsnan Overall United States
Herman Horn-Johannessen
Herman Horn-Johannessen Team RRH, SEBAGO Owner/Helmsman Overall Norway
Ian Ainslie
Ian Ainslie Strange, Strange Brew, Team Proximo Owner/Helmsman Overall Hungary
Ingemar Sundstedt Rocad Racing Team Corinthian Sweden
Ivan Kljaković Gašpić
Ivan Kljaković Gašpić Universitas Nova Owner/helmsman Overall Croatia
Jaak Jõgi 4Energy Helmsman Overall Estonia
Jack Derry Opportunity - MudRatz Helmsman Corinthian United States
Jack Jennings Pied Piper Overall United States
James Hannah Pipeline Helmsman Corinthian United States
James Peters Gill Race Team Helmsman Overall Great Britain
James Spithill
James Spithill Luna Rossa Helmsman Overall Australia
Jamie Hamilton Madcap Owner/Helmsman Overall Great Britain
Jamie Lea
Jamie Lea Black Seal / Barbarians / Imagine / Soffe Helmsman & Tactician Overall Great Britain
Jan Frederik Dyvi Sebago, Team RRH Tactician Corinthian Norway
Jan Mattsson Mimosa Owner/Helmsman Overall Finland
Jannes Wiedemann ACE Owner / Helmsman Overall Germany
Jean Francois Cruette
Jean Francois Cruette Encore & Bouygues Telecom Helmsman Corinthian France
Jean Marc Monnard Poizon Rouge Owner/Helmsman Overall Switzerland
Jeff Ecklund
Jeff Ecklund Star Owner / Helmsman Overall United States
Jeff Jones Kilroy Overall United States
Jeff Madrigali Mikey Helmsman Overall United States
Jens Wathne
Jens Wathne Party Girl Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Norway
Jerome Aubert Au Planning Corinthian France
Jesper Bendix DEN634 Owner/Helmsman Overall Denmark
Jim Pearson Slippery Overall Canada
Jo Schwarz Bloodhound Helmsman Overall Germany
John Bailey Talisman Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
John Brown
John Brown Blind Squirrel Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
John Den Engelsman Mr Henri Owner/Helmsman Overall The Netherlands
John Edward Merricks
John Edward Merricks Helmsman Overall
John Pollard Excellent Owner/Helmsman Overall Great Britain
John Poulson Long Shot Owner & Helmsman Overall United States
John Shockey WOMBMATES RACING Owner / Helmsman Overall United States
Jon Aksel Mortensen Nortek Sailing Team Overall Norway
Jonas Berntsson SWE715 Owner / Helmsman Overall Sweden
Jonas Nyquist Owner/Helmsman Overall Sweden
Jonathan McKee
Jonathan McKee Uka Uka Racing, West Marine Rigging, Air Force One, Luna Rossa Tactician Overall United States
Jörg Tillmanns Seven Seas Owner/Helmsman Overall Germany
Jorgen Mohr Ernst Baronessen DEN271 Helmsman Overall Denmark
Jure Jerkovic Atena Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Slovenia
Karlo Kuret Iggy, PointOne Helmsman & Owner Overall Croatia
Keith Hammer USA806 Helmsman Overall United States
Keith Musto
Keith Musto MUSTGO Corinthian Great Britain
KC Shannon
Kelly "KC" Shannon Shaka Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Kenneth Thelen
Kenneth Thelen Team Suunto Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Finland
Kent Pierce Average White Boat Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Kevin Nixon
Kevin Nixon Accru+ Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Australia
Kevin Shockey Wombmates Racing USA396 Corinthian United States
Kevin Welch
Kevin Welch Mikey Owner Overall United States
Kicker Schäfer Musto Racing Helmsman Corinthian Germany
Kim Christensen - 2019 Melges 24 Worlds in Villasimius, Italy
Kim Christensen Soffe Owner/Helmsman Overall Denmark
Klaus Tillmanns wiki wiki Owner / Helmsman Overall Germany
Paul Krak Arntson
Krak Arntson Nikita Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Kris Houmann
Kris Houmann Corinthian Denmark
Kristen Lane Brick House Overall United States
Kristian Nergaard
Kristian Nergaard Baghdad Owner/Helmsman Overall Norway
Kristoffer Spone
Kristoffer Spone Fruen Maren, Lisa Baghdad II, Team Baghdad, Helly Hansen II Lisa Helmsman Corinthian Norway
Kunio Suzuki Siesta Owner/Helmsman Overall Japan
Lars Ingeberg Helmsman Overall Norway
Laura Grondin
Laura Grondin Dark Energy Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Laurent Pages P&P Racing / P&P North Sails La Rochel Helmsman Overall France
Lennart Burke Laika Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Germany
Loren Colahan Lounge Act Corinthian United States
Lorenzo Bressani
Lorenzo Bressani Uka Uka Racing Helmsman Overall Italy
Lorenzo Gemini
Lorenzo Gemini SIV Arborea Corinthian Italy
Lovre Perhat Strilica Helmsman Overall Croatia
Luca Santella Joe Fly Helmsman Overall Italy
Luca Valerio Alina Helmsman Overall Italy
Luis Tarabochia
Luis Tarabochia White Room Helmsman Corinthian Germany
Luka Šangulin
Luka Šangulin Panjic Helmsman & Owner Overall Croatia
Lukáš Neumann Rodop Helmsman Overall Czech Republic
Makoto Nagahashi Esprit Overall Japan
Manfred Schmiedl Brio Owner / Helmsman Overall United States
Manuel Modena
Manuel Modena Luna Rossa Overall Italy
Marc Wain Pedersen - Melges 24 European Championship 2021 - Portoroz, Slovenia
Marc Wain Pedersen Whosah, Bodil Helmsman Corinthian Denmark
Marcello Caldonazzo Arvedi
Marcello Caldonazzo Arvedi Gilles Owner / Helmsman Overall Italy
Marco Cavallini
Marco Cavallini Jeco Team Helmsman Corinthian Italy
Marco Schirato La Besa Overall Italy
Marco Zammarchi
Marco Zammarchi Taki 4 Owner Corinthian Italy
Marcus Eagan Pacific Yankee Helmsman Overall United States
Marin Jakovčev Tutta Forza Helmsman Corinthian Croatia
Mario Ziliani Gullisara, Ale Ali Helmsman Corinthian Italy
Mark Reynolds Helmsman Overall United States
Markus Scheel Plato Owner/Helmsman Overall Germany
Martin Fridh Wild Thing Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Sweden
Martin Knetig Net Development Helmsman Overall Czech Republic
Martin Kullman
Martin Kullman Corinthian United States
Martin Thiermann Ballyhoo Reloaded Owner / Helmsman Overall Germany
Martin Trcka
Martin Trcka ICZ Helmsman Overall Czech Republic
Marty Jensen Zig Zag Corinthian United States
Matt MacGregor Good Enough Overall United States
Matteo Balestrero
Matteo Balestrero Giogi Owner/Helmsman Overall Italy
Matteo Ivaldi
Matteo Ivaldi Blu Moon & Caiprinha Jr & Marrakech Express Helmsman & Tactician Overall Italy
Maurizio Abba Alina Owner Overall Italy
Max Albert Last Call Corinthian United States
Maximilian Weiss White Room Helmsman Overall Germany
Megan Ratliff
Megan Ratliff Decorum Owner Corinthian United States
Michael Bond Recidivist Corinthian Canada
Michael Goldfarb - 2019 Melges 24 Worlds in Villasimius, Italy
Michael Goldfarb War Canoe Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Michael Good
Michael Good Cinghi-Aile, Zero Eighth Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Switzerland
Michael Hestbæk
Michael Hestbæk Fusion DEN828 Helmsman Overall Denmark
Michael Schineis Pure Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Austria
Michael Tarabochia
Michael Tarabochia White Room Owner Corinthian Germany
Michele Giovannini Saetta Owner Overall Italy
Michele Paoletti Strambapapa Owner / Helmsman Overall Italy
Mikael Johansson Aqua Racing Corinthian Sweden
Mike Buckley
Mike Buckley Monsoon, Lucky Dog / Gill Race Team, Blind Squirrel, Talisman Tactician Overall United States
Mike Budd Gul Owner/Helmsman Overall Great Britain
Mike Dow Flying Toaster Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Mike Gozzard
Mike Gozzard Rush Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Canada
Mike Lennon Helmsman Overall Great Britain
Mike Spurgeon Usain Boat Owner / Helmsman Overall United States
Miles Quinton - 2019 Melges 24 Worlds in Villasimius, Italy
Miles Quinton Gill Race Team, Gill Code Zero Owner Corinthian Great Britain
Miroslav Reljanovic Cro-a-sail Helmsman Overall Croatia
Mocolinos - USA524 Mocos Skipper Overall United States
Morgan Reeser
Morgan Reeser P&P Sailing Team, M-FATIC, Pacific Yankee Helmsman Overall United States
Nathan Wilmot Saetta & Embarr Tactician & Helmsman Overall Australia
Neil Sullivan M-Fatic Owner Overall United States
Niccolo Bertola
Niccolò Bertola Taki 4 Helmsman Corinthian Italy
Niccolo Bianchi
Niccolo Bianchi Alina, Saetta, Maidollis, Taki 4, Nefeli Helmsman, Tactician, Coach Overall Italy
Nicola Ardito Little Wing Owner/Helmsman Overall Italy
Nicola Celon
Nicola Celon Bete, Ale Ali, Marchingenio Helmsman Overall Italy
Nigel Young
Nigel Young Team Barbarians, Black Seal, Gill Race Team Trimmer Overall Ireland
Nils Hauff
Nils Hauff Fruen Maren Owner Corinthian Norway
Oleg Dyvinets Marusia Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Ukraine
Olivier Ponthieu GPE Lucien Barriere Helmsman Overall France
Othmar Müller von Blumencron
Othmar Müller von Blumencron Gannet Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Oyvind Peder Jahre
Oyvind Peder Jahre Storm Capital Sail Racing & Terra Eiendomsmegling Helmsman Corinthian Norway
Pablo Gallyas
Pablo Gallyas Magic Marine Owner/Helmsman Overall Chile
Paolo Brescia
Paolo Brescia Melgina Owner/Helmsman Overall Italy
Patricio Lopez Dirty Dog Owner & Helmsman Overall Chile
Paul Bergendahl Committed Owner / Helmsman Corinthian United States
Paul Hulsey USA740 Overall United States
Paulo Bezanilla Swift Owner/Helmsman Overall Chile
Peder Nergaard BLOW Helmsman Overall Norway
Peter Czegai Jedi Business Helmsman Overall Hungary
Peter Duncan
Peter Duncan Relative Obscurity, Raza Mixta Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Peter Karrie - 2019 Melges 24 Worlds in Villasimius, Italy
Peter Karrie Nefeli Owner/Helmsman Overall Germany
Peter Kendall Amigos Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
Peter McGlennen Gamecock Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Peter Podunavac Owner/Helmsman Overall Slovenia
Peter Šaraškin
Peter Šaraškin ZUXU Owner/Helmsman Overall Estonia
Peter Warrer
Peter Warrer Salty Dog Corinthian Denmark
Petr Fiala Aloha Helmsman Overall Czech Republic
Philippe Ligot Partner & Partners, P & P Racing Team Owner Overall France
Quentin Strauss Gill Owner Overall Great Britain
Rémy Arnaud Dyneema/Liros Owner/Helmsman Overall France
Rene Bruun BNI Overall Denmark
Riccardo Simoneschi
Riccardo Simoneschi Audi Owner/Helmsman Overall Italy
Richard Clarke
Richard Clarke Pegasus 24, West Marine / New England, Hedgehog, Mikey, Zingara Tactician/Coach Overall Canada
Richard Reid
Richard Reid Zingara Owner/Helmsman Overall Canada
Richard Thompson - 2019 Melges 24 Worlds in Villasimius, Italy
Richard Thompson Black Seal Owner & Helmsman Overall Great Britain
Rob Smith Team Barbarians; Rapid Breathing Overall Great Britain
Robert Bakoczy FGF Helmsman Overall Hungary
Robert Britten
Robert Britten Full Circle Corinthian Canada
Robert Wigny Notorious Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Canada
Robin Deussen
Robin Deussen Redmist Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Australia
Rod Buck Myst Helmsman Overall United States
Roger Counihan Jaws Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Ronald Veraar Team Kesbeke/Sika Helmsman Corinthian The Netherlands
Rudolf Houdek Secret Men's Business Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Germany
Sami Ekblad Jaguar X-Type, Marinel Mastervolt Owner/Helmsman Overall Finland
Samuel Kahn
Samuel "Shark" Kahn Pegasus Overall United States
Sandro Montefusco Airis Helmsman Overall Italy
Sandy Higgins Scorpius Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
Scot Zimmerman Bad Idea  Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Scott Elliot Helmsman Overall United States
Scott Holmgren Rosebud Corinthian United States
Scott Nixon - 2019 Melges 24 Worlds in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy
Scott Nixon Zingara, Lucky Dog, Quantum Racing/Rosebud, Satisfaction Tactician, Helmsman Overall United States
Seadon Wijsen Pareto Optimal Overall United States
Sebastien Col
Sebastien Col Partner & Partners / P & P Racing Team Helmsman Overall France
Sergio Caramel
Sergio Caramel Arkanoe by Montura Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Italy
Shawn Bennett Melges 49 Overall United States
Šime Fantela
Šime Fantela Tutta Forza Helmsman/Owner Overall Croatia
Simon Strauss Owner/Helmsman Overall Great Britain
Sivert Denneche
Sivert Denneche Storm Capital Sail Racing, Terra Eiendomsmegling Owner Corinthian Norway
Stefano Cherin Black Seal Tactician, Helmsman Overall Italy
Stephen Girdis +GST Owner/Helmsman Overall Australia
Stephen O'Rourke M24 Panther Helmsman/Owner Overall Australia
Stephen Pugh Taboo Corinthian United States
Steve Grillon Helmsman Overall United States
Steve Pirie RUMbunctious Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Steve Suddath 3 1/2 men Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Steven Boho The 300 Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Stian Ness Rørvik Rett Rundt Hjørnet Owner Overall Norway
Stuart McNay
Stuart McNay Embarr Helmsman Overall United States
Stuart Rix Gill Helmsman Overall Great Britain
Stuart Simpson Team Barbarians Owner/Helmsman Overall Great Britain
Sven Hadler Overall Germany
Sylvia Vogl AUT 794 Helmsman Overall Austria
Tamas Keleman Owner/Helmsman Overall Hungary
Terry Hutchinson
Terry Hutchinson Quantum Racing Helmsman Overall United States
Thierry Berger Snugasabug Corinthian France
Thomas Beck Phonobloc Overall Germany
Tiit Vihul
Tiit Vihul Rock City Helmsman Corinthian Estonia
Tim Hanke Helmsman Overall United States
Tom Freytag Wicked Feet Owner/Helmsman Corinthian United States
Tom Greetham Distraction Helmsman Overall United States
Tomi Hakola
Tomi Hakola Fundanything, Koru.TV Owner/Helmsman Overall Finland
Tomislav Basic PANJIC Helmsman / Tactician Overall Croatia
Tõnis Haavel
Tõnis Haavel Yes Sir No Sir Owner / Helmsman Corinthian Estonia
Tonko Ramesa PANJIC Helmsman Overall Croatia
Tõnu Tõniste
Tõnu Tõniste Lenny Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Estonia
Tony Stanley Hermes Owner / Helmsman Corinthian United States
Travis Weisleder
Travis Weisleder Lucky Dog/Gill Race Team Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Vasyl Gureyev
Vasyl Gureyev Barmaley & Arctur Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Ukraine
Victor Diaz de Leon
Victor Diaz de Leon Raza Mixta Helmsman & Tactician Overall United States
Vince Brun
Vince Brun NORTH SAILS ONE DESIGN Owner/Helmsman Overall United States
Warwick Rooklyn
Warwick Rooklyn Bandit Owner/Helmsman Corinthian Australia
Wes Whitmyer Slingshot Overall United States
William Moran Rapscallion Helmsman Corinthian United States