Melges 24 European Ranking

The Melges 24 European Ranking, established in 2024, is organized and managed by the IM24CA. It aims to include events from as many of the Melges 24 National Classes from Europe as possible, along with all the major continental championships and international events.

The Ranking is calculated using a team’s best results from the six events. 

1.    Events to be used

  • World Championship held in Europe 
  • European Championship
  • European Sailing Series events
  • National Championships
  • Other national events

An event must have a minimum of 10 boats participating to be counted in the Melges 24 European Ranking. The total number of events in the ranking is not limited to per country and in total. 

2.    Scoring 

  • A high-point scoring system, where the boat accumulating the most points wins; 
  • A boat's final score for each event will be the number of participants inverted. For example, if a boat wins a 25-boat event, the winner will be awarded 25 pts., second place will earn 24 pts., third place will earn 23 pts. and so on, the twenty-fifth-place boat will earn 1 pt;
  • A boat attending an event and scoring DNC will score 0 points.

3.    Type of Event 

Each event will have an event weighting assigned to it. 

  • World Championship 1.6
  • European Championship 1.5
  • ESS events 1.25
  • Other National events 1.0

4.    Marketing and media 

The Melges 24 European Ranking will be online and updated periodically with press releases up to four times a year. This will offer up a platform for sponsorship and publicity.