Mission Statement

The International Melges 24 is the world’s leading high performance one design sportboat. It offers exciting and demanding competitive sailing and attracts top professional and amateur sailors from around the globe. From its beginnings in 1992 the class has already grown to nearly 900 boats worldwide.

The International Melges 24 Class Association (IM24CA) exists to manage the Melges 24 Class and protect the interests of Melges 24 owners worldwide. Elected committees of Melges 24 owners at global, national and local levels are responsible for the management of the International Melges 24 Class.

The Melges 24 has a well established international racing circuit with classes at many of the most prestigious regattas as well as many stand alone Melges 24 events including annual National, Continental and World Championships, the venues for which vary each year.

In 1997 the Melges 24 became a World Sailing International Class. Such International Status is only granted to classes that meet World Sailing’s stringent requirements, both in terms of a truly global fleet structure and in meeting professional organisational, financial and technical standards. International Status is reviewed annually to ensure that standards are being maintained and that owners, builders, sponsors and other interested parties are all fairly represented.

There are currently Melges 24 fleets located across North America, Europe, Australasia with developing fleets in South America and Asia. Melges 24 sailing is a glamorous and photogenic sport, which takes place in a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Melges 24 regattas are held in some of the most beautiful and prestigious venues in the world and, despite its prestige and pre-eminence in the sailing calendar the racing at major events is conducted in a spirit of friendly rivalry. It is this atmosphere that attracts so many people to the boat and guarantees the popularity of events. 

The International Melges 24 Class Association and its associated National Class Associations are responsible for:

  • Overall management of the activities and finances of the International Melges 24 Class
  • Enforcing and managing the International Melges 24 Class Rules & Constitution
  • Allocation and management of Melges 24 championships and regattas
  • Communications with owners, sailors, regatta organisers, official bodies and the media
  • Promotion and development of the Melges 24 Class