Measurement & Inspection

Every Melges 24 must have a valid measurement certificate (MC).

According to the Melges 24 Class Rules (A.11 HULL CERTIFICATION ) and RRS 2021-2024 (78 COMPLIANCE WITH CLASS RULES; CERTIFICATES) MC is the one piece of documentation that validates Melges 24 boat legal to race. 

A Measurement Certificate must:
- Be issued in the name of the Current Owner (not the past owner)
- Be endorsed or issued by National Authority of the Current Boat’s Owner

- The certificate is signed by the Current Owner

NOTE: An unendorsed Measurement Form is not a valid certificate.

Measurement certificates are required for all National Championships, Intercontinental and World Championship events.

See the template below!

For questions regarding and/or assistance with Measurement Certificates you need to apply for that for from your National Class Administrator

Melges 24 Equipment Inspectors handbook 2014
Sail Measurement Guide 
Measurement and Equipment Inspection Requirements and procedures

Measurement Form 2023 (pdf) 
Measurement Form 2023 (doc)
Melges 24 International Measurement Certificate (pdf)
Melges 24 International Measurement Certificate (doc)

Permanent Bow Numbering System