IM24CA Corinthian Division

All major IM24CA events incorporate a Corinthian Division for amateur crews and with fabulous racing and great prizes to offer, those amateur crew who don't register are really missing out. So, take action now to ensure your Corinthian status! Here's how it works:

As an World Sailing International Class the Melges 24 uses the World Sailing Sailor Classification system to establish Corinthian status. Our Class Rules state that to qualify as a Corinthian Crew the helm and crew members must all hold a current World Sailing Group 1 classification which must be valid until after the final date of racing in the regatta. If you enter the Corinthian Division of an event, your crew list will be checked against the official online World Sailing Sailor List to confirm each individuals status before your Corinthian entry is ratified.

Registering with World Sailing and obtaining your Sailor Classification is a simple two-step, free of charge, online process and takes only a few minutes. Although some applications are processed immediately any queries can delay the registration process by several weeks so don't leave registering till the last minute. Remember, if anyone on your crew isn't listed on World Sailing as either a Group 1 or Group 2 sailor we cannot accept your Corinthian entry!

To obtain your Sailor Classification all you need to do is visit, select the Technical link on the left upper corner and go to Sailor Classification. The first part of the process is to register your name and contact details with World Sailing and generate your World Sailing sailor ID.  Once you have your ID you can log in and complete the World Sailing Sailor Classification application form. If your application is straight forward your status will confirmed within a few minutes of submitting your application. If there are any queries on your application it will be referred to World Sailing' Classification Authority for a decision and they may contact you via the e-mail you used in your profile to request additional information. This happens quite often so it is essential to apply for your Classification well in advance. Check the deadline for Corinthian entries in the Notice of Race of the event!

For those of you who are already registered with World Sailing it is also important to remember that your Classification is only valid for 2 years and needs to be renewed when it expires. Please check your entry on the World Sailing Sailor list and if your Classification has expired, be sure to renew it as soon as possible.

Don't forget that all your crew members need to register, not just the helm!

At the Melges 24 World and Continental Championships a representative of the World Sailing Sailor Classification Commission may be present during registration and may carry out spot checks and interviews. Indicate classification and the unique World Sailing sailor ID for each sailor on the entry form of the event if entering for the Corinthian Trophy. The closing date for the registration of Corinthian entries in general is 2 weeks before the event starts.

The ranking of the the Corinthian division will be taken out from the overall results and full details for the Corinthian Trophy can be found in IM24CA Championship rules. 

The Corinthian Trophies shall be awarded as part of other International and Continental Championships. 

The trophies are as follows:

World: The Challenge Henri Samuel Trophy
European: The Menno Meyer European Corinthian Trophy
North American:

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