Revised Agenda for the IM24CA World Council Annual General Meeting 2021 published

October 16, 2021 - Revised Agenda with all Submissions and Supporting Papers for the upcoming IM24CA World Council Annual General Meeting 2021, to be held online on November 6th (6 am PT, 9 am ET, 1 pm UK, 2 pm CET, 3 pm EET, 12 am (Nov 7) Sydney, AUS), has been published at the website  
You'll find reports, submissions, proposals and documents under the relevant Tabs. General and Class Reports will be published as soon they have been received.
The details about the Zoom meeting will be provided closer to the AGM.


  • Class Rule amendment proposals from Technical Committee – there are revised documents published
  • Regatta Regulations amendment proposals – from IM24CA Chair and USM24CA
  • Two bids to host Europeans 2022 – additional information to the bid of Italy
  • Two submissions to nominate Vice Chair Europe and a submission to nominate Treasurer

Message from Laura Grondin, IM24CA Chair:

"Regarding the role of Treasurer, while we did not have anyone nominated by the deadline of September 18, we do now have a nominee which will be noticed to the World Council by the deadline of the revised agenda for the AGM and we will vote on that nominee during the AGM.

Regarding the role of Member Europe, if Michael Tarabochia is the successful candidate for the role of Vice Chair Europe, there would then be a vacancy for the remainder of his term (one year) as Member Europe.  Our constitution says that “the NCA from which the departing Officer came shall nominate a replacement (who shall be an individual member of the NCA) for the remainder of the term and approval must be made by the World Council at an IM24CA EGM or AGM.”  Therefore, it would be up to the German class to propose a candidate for Member Europe;  if the German class does not have a candidate, then we would establish a process for accepting nominations for the one year position.  In either case, following the AGM, we would schedule an EGM to approve the candidate.  Please contact Laura Grondin if you have any questions about this matter."

All NCAs will be invited to give a short (1-2 minute) update on their year during the meeting. All National Classes are requested to send us a National Class Report as a short summary of your 2021 activities and situation now no later than November 1st

Nations are asked to confirm the name of their representatives or proxies and any observers.  

  • If a World Council Member is unable to attend a meeting, his NCA may appoint a substitute for that meeting only. Such designations shall be in writing and received by the Treasurer/Administrator of the IM24CA prior to the meeting. Each NCA must inform the IM24CA Treasurer/Administrator of the name of their appointed World Council member or proxy substitute before the start of the AGM.

National Classes are also reminded that, as per Class Constitution, World Council representatives must be Full Members of the Melges 24 Class. 
The PROXY FORM with the fields for voting the submissions is available at the AGM 2021 website under Tab “Forms”.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions at or to call/WhatsApp at +372 507 7217.

Kind regards,

Piret Salmistu
Administrator / Media Coordinator
International Melges 24 Class Association

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