Open Technical Committee Meeting on October 21 to Discuss Class Rule Change Submissions

October 15, 2023 -  The IM24CA Technical Committee will meet between the original submission deadline and the revised submission deadline to determine if revisions are needed to technical submissions to be discussed at the AGM 2023. All are welcome to attend the meeting to be held as an open discussion on October 21.  

IM24CA has received the following Class Rule change submissions:

1. DEN - Restriction of proposals regarding weight limit changes 

2. USA 1 -  Eliminate Melges 24 Class Crew Weight Limit

3. USA 2 - Group 3 Participants Must Be Class Members

4. Technical Committee - C.10.2 - LIMITATIONS - Clarification

5. Technical Committee - C.11.3 - BOAT HANDLING RULES - Clarification and housekeeping

Meanwhile, the IM24CA Technical Committee has had further discussions on the submissions and it’s your turn now to show your opinion and share your experience to understand if revisions are needed to technical submissions. 

Mike Gozzard, IM24CA Technical Committee Chair: 

"The attached summary is an overview in preparation for the Open Technical Committee Meeting scheduled for October 21. This is where we intend to review the rule change proposals with the membership and give the authors a chance to correct or edit their submissions before voting for the AGM occurs. Prior to this, the Technical Committee has met to discuss those rule change submissions that we have purview over and we have a few comments to share."

"It certainly looks like this is going to be an entertaining meeting and I invite you to consider attending. I look forward to seeing you there!"

Tech Comm comments on the Class Rule Change Submissions 2023


IM24CA Executive Committee and the Technical Committee are inviting all NCAs and any interested sailors to attend the meeting to be held as an open discussion on Zoom on October 21.  

Time: 6 am PT, 9 am ET, 2 pm UK, 3 pm CET, 4 pm EET, 1 am (Oct 22) Sydney, AUS
Zoom call details will be shared with the registered participants

You can register your participation in Doodle under this link - Please register your name, country and boat/team you are involved with

The goal of this meeting is to have a discussion regarding the proposals and to make drafting changes as needed in advance of the AGM.   

Current Melges 24 Class Rules - published in April 2023 
The latest Class Rules Changes - published in April 2023

2023 International Melges 24 Class Association Annual Meeting of the World Council