The Melges 24 Nordic League Commission Announces New Changes to 2020 Race Calender

May 22, 2020 - After much deliberation, the Nordic League Commission, which includes the Chairmen from Norway, Denmark and Sweden, regretfully announce additional changes to the 2020 race calendar in Northern Europe.

- The Norwegian Championship, originally planned for 5-7 June 2020, has been rescheduled. Mark your calendars - the new dates are 18-20 September 2020 in Arendal.

- Nordic Cup Trophy Act 3, which was to be held in conjunction with the Norwegian Championship, is abandoned.

- Hankø Race Week, which is an independent event, is planned for 25-27 June 2020 and remains on schedule until further notice. Refer to their website for details.

- Nordic Cup Trophy Act 4, which was to be held in conjunction with Hankø Race Week, is abandoned. Melges teams, however, are still invited to compete in Hankø.

These changes come as a result of the latest restrictions imposed by the Norwegian and Danish governments. Specifically, unnecessary travel into and out of Norway is limited until at least 20 August 2020. While in Denmark, sailing is quite restricted with a crew limit of two people per boat, unless the individuals are from the same household or are positioned at least 1 meter apart.

With respect to other 2020 events, the Danish and Swedish Championship, previously known as the fifth event in the Nordic Cup Trophy Series, remains on schedule for 7-9 August 2020 in Halmstad, Sweden.

The Nordic League Commission has yet to determine how the Nordic Cup Trophy Series 2020 will be judged.

The next official update from the Nordic League Commission will be published mid-July.

For further information, contact Søren Blume, Chairman of the Danish Melges 24 CA, at +45 51 74 55 77.