Melges 24 Europeans 2021 - Corinthian entries and World Sailing Categorization current status

September 1, 2021 - Portoroz, Slovenia - Have a nice September! Today is the deadline to submit the applications for the Corinthian entries at the Melges 24 Europeans in Portoroz! 

Corinthian Division Rule

Boats that qualify for the Corinthian division ( need to make sure that all crew members are currently registered with the World Sailing Sailor Categorization System as a valid category Group 1 sailor.

Since many teams, who have stated to be Corinthian team, have not submitted their crew information, we kindly ask you to fill out the Corinthian Declaration Form indicating your World Sailing ID numbers and check, if your WS Classification for Group 1 is valid. 

However, the deadline for Corinthian entries will be September 1st, we will be flexible with deadline due to the fact that WS system is not working properly at this point.

  • Make sure you have WS ID – this process is quick and easy and automatic
  • When applying for or renewing the Categorization for Group 1, you must know that the WS system is functional albeit with a manual application form
  • Make sure all Corinthian teams’ crew members have submitted this form. Most likely you are not getting any answer or reply from WS, however the form will be in their system.
  • After the Corinthian entry deadline, the OA will send the list of Corinthian boats with their complete crew list (Name, WS ID) to the WS for their review to work with the list of our event.
  • With questions regards the Categorization please contact me at