Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2024 Porotorz Six Races In: Nefeli Maintains Lead as Competition Heats Up

Portoroz, Slovenia–11 May 2024 - A stable Mistral, but weak in intensity, allowed the carrying out of another three valid races for the Marina Portoroz Melges 24 Regatta, an event valid as the second appointment of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2024, which, at the end of the second day, boasts a total of six valid races.

Credit for the complete program so far goes to PRO David Bartol and his team, who are skilled at not wasting precious time managing the race course, which was today placed right in front of the old town of Piran and the starting procedure.

Thanks to three high-ranking results, Nefeli (today 2-6-8) of Peter Karrie, and of the tactician Niccolò Bianchi, defended the leadership from his opponents' attacks and is preparing to face the final day strong with a margin of five points on Razjaren (4-3-3). Ante Cesic's crew took advantage of the discard to get rid of the UFD suffered in the third race of the series, managing to climb eight places in the general ranking.

The day brought a new name to the third step of the overall podium, a position which currently corresponds with first Corinthian: the holders are the super young crew (average age 19 years old) from Strambapapà (1-9-2) who, led by Leonardo Centuori, were also capable today to amaze the fleet by obtaining another bullet and some excellent results which made their shares rise, bringing them into the group of the best, two points behind Ante Cesic's team.

Fourth, as well as second of Corinthian, are the Hungarians of Chinook (6-2-6). Akos Csolto's team, dominator of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2023, of which they won both the Overall and Corinthian rankings, achieved three results in the top ten and are only one point away from the podium, twelve points ahead of Panjic (12 -1-7) by Luka Sangulin and tactician Tomislav Basic, winner of today's second regatta by a wide margin.

Sharing the position with Panjic is White Room (7-14-10), currently indicated as the third force of the Corinthian: among the stalwart members of the International Melges 24 Classn, White Room is owned by Michael Tarabocchia and helmed by the son Luis.

Organized by Yacht Club Marina Portoroz in collaboration with the International Melges 24 Class Association, the Marina Portoroz Melges 24 Regatta will commence tomorrow morning at 12, as the twenty-five boat fleet eagerly awaits the first warning signal of the day. '

There are still three races left to complete the program set by the Notice of Race.

The event will end with the prizegiving ceremony, which is planned just after racing in front of the Yacht Club Marina Portoroz clubhouse.

Overall Top 10 after 6 races and a discard:

  1. GER673 NEFELI – Peter Karrie – 14
  2. CRO867 RAZJAREN - Ante Cesic - 19
  3. ITA689 STRAMBAPAPA (COR) - Leonardo Centuori - 21
  4. HUN850 CHINOOK (COR) - Akos Csolto - 22
  5. CRO739 PANJIC - Luka Sangulin - 34
  6. GER677 WHITE ROOM (COR) – Michael Tarabochia – 34
  7. ITA730 VERTIGO (COR) – Antonio Masoli – 35
  8. ITA854 MELGINA - Paolo Brescia - 39
  9. GBR694 ZHIK RACE TEAM (COR) – Miles Quinton – 39
  10. CRO782 CRO-A-SAIL - Ivan Ivanković – 45

Top 5 Corinthian teams after 6 races and a discard:

  1. ITA689 STRAMBAPAPA (COR) - Leonardo Centouri - 21
  2. HUN850 CHINOOK (COR) - Akos Csolto - 22
  3. GER677 WHITE ROOM (COR) – Michael Tarabochia – 34
  4. ITA730 VERTIGO (COR) – Antonio Masoli – 35
  5. GBR694 ZHIK RACE TEAM (COR) – Miles Quinton – 39

Today's race winners:
ITA689 STRAMBAPAPA (COR) - Leonardo Centouri
CRO739 PANJIC - Luka Sangulin
ITA854 MELGINA - Paolo Brescia

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