Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2024 - Panjic Sets the Pace in Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda, Italy–05 July 2024 - Taking full advantage of the fresh and stable southerly wind, known locally as the Ora, the Race Committee of the Fraglia Vela Riva successfully completed the first three races of the sixth event in the Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2024. This event, also known as the Melges Reunion due to the presence of both the Melges 24 and Melges 32 classes on the same racecourse, saw Luka Sangulin's Panjic dominate the day (with finishes of 1-1-3), catapulting them to the top of the provisional rankings.

The Croatian team Panjic, runners-up in the 2023 Melges 24 European Sailing Series, showcased their prowess by winning the first two races outright and maintaining a strong performance in the third. These impressive results have solidified Panjic's lead in the standings.

Hot on their heels, just three points behind, is Akos Csolto's Chinook (2-4-2) from Hungary. Csolto's team, the overall and Corinthian winner of last year's series, is again proving to be a formidable competitor. In third place, six points behind the leader, is the Croatian boat Razjaren (3-3-5), helmed by Ante Cesic, currently leading the overall Melges 24 European Series rankings.

Paolo Brescia’s Melgina, a two-time Melges 24 European Series Champion, won the day's third race and is just three points shy of the provisional podium. Meanwhile, fifth place is held by Point One, helmed by Karlo Kuret from Croatia, further highlighting Croatia’s strong representation and success on the day.

Leading the provisional Corinthian podium is Akos Csolto's Chinook, showcasing their continued excellence. In second place is the German boat White Room of Michael Tarabochia with Luis Tarabochia at the helm, currently holding the sixth position overall. Completing the provisional podium is Sergio Caramel's Arkanoe, further intensifying the competition within the Corinthian division.

Looking forward to tomorrow, the second day of racing will commence with three more regattas, with the preparatory signal set for 1 pm, despite the uncertain weather conditions. The event is scheduled to include a maximum of eight races, with the competition concluding by 2:30 pm on Sunday, followed by the awards ceremony.

The current top ten standings after three races are as follows:

  1. PANJIC CRO739 Luka Sangulin - 1-1-3 5
  2. CHINOOK HUN850 (COR) Akos Csolto - 2-4-2 8
  3. RAZJAREN CRO867 Ante4 Cesic - 3-3-5 11
  4. MELGINA ITA854 Paolo Brescia 6-7-1 14
  5. POINT ONE CRO803 Karlo Kuret 5-2-7 14
  6. WHITE ROOM GER677 (COR) Luis Tarabochia 7-5-6 18
  7. ARKANOE ITA809 (COR) Sergio Caramel 10-6-4 20
  8. ZHIK RACE TEAM GBR694 (COR) Geoff Carveth 4-11-8 23
  9. PURE AUT716 Michael Schineis (COR) 9-10-10 29
  10. DISCO VOLANTE GER504 (COR) Veit Hemmeter 12-12-9 33

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PANJIC CRO739 of Luka Sangulin

CHINOOK HUN850 of Akos Csolto

RAZJAREN CRO867 of Ante Cesic

MELGINA ITA854 of Paolo Brescia

POINT ONE CRO803 of Karlo Kuret

WHITE ROOM GER677 of Michael Tarabochia

Melges 24 fleet in Riva 2024