2022 IM24CA Annual General Meeting - Amendments to the submissions

Dear World Council members, Executive & Technical Committee members, National Class Administrators of the International Melges 24 Class Association (IM24CA)

Our World Council will be getting together in two short weeks for our Annual General Meeting.  We have a full agenda of items to cover.  Our focus as always in all of our decisions must be the sailors and owners that we represent.  I am happy to answer any questions or concerns that anyone has in advance of the meeting.  I look forward to seeing you all virtually very soon!

Laura Grondin
IM24CA Chair

Hereby, we are distributing amendments to the motions and related documents for the IM24CA World Council’ Annual General Meeting 2022, that will be held in Zoom platform on November 19th. The details will be provided while approaching to the AGM.

Amendments and additions to the submissions

  1. Executive Committee has submitted a nomination of Kevin Nixon for a Vice Chair Asia Pacific position for a second term
  2. USA 1 - POV (Point of View) Camera - Revision 1 with Tech Comm comments
  3. USA 2 - Weed Sticks - Revision 1
  4. ITA 1 - CREW WHEN HIKING - with Tech Comm comments
  5. Technical Committee - 2022 Rule Change C.8.2 KEEL 2019 Cdn 2022 – Revision 6
  6. Technical Committee - 2022 Rule Change H4 Boat and Appendage Repair Approval Form – Revision 2
  7. Technical Committee - 2022 Rule Change Proposal H2 Cabin Main Halyard – Revision 2 
  • All National Classes are requested to send us a National Class Report as a short summary of your 2022 activities and situation now no later than November 14th to piret@melges24.com.
  • Nations are asked to confirm the name of their representatives or proxies and any observers as soon as possible.

If a World Council Member is unable to attend a meeting, his NCA may appoint a substitute for that meeting only. Such designations shall be in writing and received by the Treasurer/Administrator of the IM24CA prior to the meeting. Each NCA must inform the IM24CA Treasurer/Administrator of the name of their appointed World Council member or proxy substitute before the start of the AGM.

National Classes are also reminded that, as per Class Constitution, World Council representatives must be Full Members of the Melges 24 Class. 

The PROXY FORM with the fields for voting the submissions is available at the AGM 2022 website under Tab “Forms”.

All paperwork is available at https://www.melges24.com/agm2022 

IM24CA AGM 2022

IM24CA AGM 2022