2020 IM24CA Annual General Meeting - Amendments to the submissions

2020 International Melges 24 World Council Annual General Meeting
Distributing amendments to the Agenda


Dear World Council members, Executive & Technical Committee members, National Class Administrators of the International Melges 24 Class Association (IM24CA),


According to the schedule I’m distributing amendments to the motions and related documents for the IM24CA World Council’ Annual General Meeting 2020 will be held electronically through the Zoom video conference platform on November 7th. The details will be provided while approaching to the AGM.

More specific details about the venue, agenda, timeline and the deadlines for the submission of the motions and proposals you'll find at https://www.melges24.com/agm2020  

IM24CA received the following revisions to the submitted motions by October 9th

Submissions to change the Class Rule

IM24CA held an open Technical Committee Meeting on September 28th to review the technical proposals prior to the deadline for making revisions.

Click here to read the Memo of the Open Tech Comm Meeting
Technical Committee’s summary and comments of 2020 Class Rule Change Submissions

Submissions to change the Constitution


  1. The deadline for publishing the list of IM24CA members will be two weeks prior to the AGM (October 24th) and the deadline for the payment of dues will be one week prior to the AGM (October 31st).   This will provide additional time for the NCAs to complete their list of members.
  2. All National Classes are requested to send us a National Class Report as a short summary of your 2020 activities and situation now no later than November 2nd! Fortunately, many of us have been able to sail and race, while, unfortunately, racing has been extremely limited or impossible in other locations in the world during the pandemic. 
  3. Nations are asked to confirm the name of their representatives or proxies and any observers as soon as possible. - If a World Council Member is unable to attend a meeting, his NCA may appoint a substitute for that meeting only. Such designations shall be in writing and received by the Treasurer/Administrator of the IM24CA prior to the meeting. Each NCA must inform the IM24CA Treasurer/Administrator of the name of their appointed World Council member or proxy substitute before the start of the AGM.

National Classes are also reminded that, as per Class Constitution, World Council representatives must be Full Members of the Melges 24 Class. 
The PROXY FORM with the fields for voting the submissions is available at the AGM 2020 website under Tab “Forms”. https://www.melges24.com/agm2020  

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at piret@melges24.com or to call me at +372 507 7217.

Kind regards,

Piret Salmistu
Administrator / Media Coordinator
International Melges 24 Class Association