Melges 24 U.S. National Championship 2021

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Detroit, MI, USA

276 Lake Shore Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236
United States

Fred Rozelle, USM24CA Midwest District Governor
Rank Name Nation
I Corinthian Mike Dow USA
I Overall Brian Porter USA
II Corinthian Scot Zimmerman USA
II Overall Bruce Ayres USA
III Corinthian Fred Rozelle USA
III Overall Kelly "KC" Shannon USA






2021 US Melges 24 National Championship

Quantum Melges 24 Great Lakes Cup

Brian Porter's Full Throttle has his eye on a possible eighth National Championship trophy.

2021 U.S. Melges 24 National Champions - FULL THROTTLE (Brian Porter, RJ Porter, Bri Porter, Matt Woodworth, Austin Colpaert)

2021 U.S. Melges 24 Nationals - Second Place - MONSOON - Bruce Ayres, Tomas Dietrich, Chelsea Simms, Edward Hackney, Jeremy Wilmot

2021 U.S. Melges 24 Nationals - Third Place - SHAKA - KC Shannon, Ben Lynch, Elisabeth Whitener, Tommy Sawchuk, John Bowden

2021 U.S. Melges 24 Nationals - Fourth Place - ZENDA EXPRESS - Harry Melges IV, Finn Burdick, Harry Melges III, Malcolm Lamphere, Ripley Shelley

2021 U.S. Melges 24 Corinthian National Champions - FLYING TOASTER (Mike Dow, Bob Clark, James Olson and Gregg Diehl)

2021 U.S. Melges 24 Corinthian - Second Place - BAD IDEA (Scot Zimmerman, Katy Zimmerman, Andy Girrell, Kevin Fisher)

2021 U.S. Melges 24 Corinthian - Third Place - RUSTLER Fred Rozelle, Curtis Rozelle, Steven Rozelle, Amy Rozelle/Bourne, Matthew Otenbaker