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North Sails Tuning Guide - by Brian Janney, updated in January 2019 

Find out here what knowledge and sails North Sails has to offer for Melges 24 sailors.

What are the top 3 ingredients to compete successfully in the Melges 24?

  1. Practice mark roundings—good sets and douses are key.
  2. Practice light-air downspeed maneuvers—the pre-start under main alone is key.  
  3. Build a consistent crew—top performance is all about teamwork.


Melges 24 Tacking

Melges 24 Tacking


Melges 24 Set and Douse

Melges 24 Set and Douse


Melges 24 Jibing 

Melges 24 Jibing



2019 Melges 24 Worlds Interview with Carlo Fracassoli 

Quantum Sails Tuning Guide and Speed Targets

Insider Tips from the Top in the Melges 24 Class - updated in 2016

Podium Insights: A Detailed Review of How Melges 24 Wardance Won in NewportJuly 6, 2018

8 Tips for Being a Competitive Corinthian Team in a Pro Fleet 

Timeline for a World Championship Regatta - June 30, 2016

Find out what expertise and sails Quantum Sails has to offer for Melges 24 sailors.


Melges 24 Changing Modes Downwind

Sailing downwind is unpredictable and requires you to be on your feet ready to change modes quickly. Quantum Melges 24 class expert Chris Rast and his wife Dani with SPS Sailing walk us through how to effectively change modes on a Melges 24.

Melges 24 - Changing Modes Downwind


Melges 24 - How to Jibe in Light Air 

Melges 24 - How To Jibe In Light Air


Melges 24 - How to Perform a Blow-Through Jibe 

Melges 24 - How To Perform a Blow-Through Jibe