Welcome to the first event of the season - both for Italian Melges24Tour and European Sailing Series 2021!

March 29, 2021 - Talamone, Italy - This new season will give you the best opportunities of sailing thanks to great locations and perfect conditions. Even if the troubles are not over, here we are, offering an exciting weekend of true sailing in a charming location.

Talamone lies on a rocky promontory on the southern border of the Maremma nature reserve, in a dominant position along the whole stretch of coast arriving at Mount Argentario. The surrounding area is characterised by the presence of vegetation typical of Mediterranean scrub and long sandy beaches, lined by pine trees.

An ancient and flourishing city already during the Etruscan period, the port town was also a stage during Admiral Horatio Nelson’s expedition to Egypt in 1798, cited by Napoleon himself as "Tagliamon on the coast of Tuscany".

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  • In the beginning of April we'll publish information about parking the boats between ACT 1 and ACT 2 of the Italian Melges24Tour.
  • The current state law about COVID-19 will be in force until April 6, 2021. Around that date the new regulation will be issued and consequently we will be aware of the concrete possibility of carrying out the event.
  • In the meantime, please send your registration as soon as possible and check the page of the Italian Melges 24 Class, or the organizing club's website, for any updates.
  • In case of problems with the online entry system contact the secretary office of the Italian Melges24 Class Association
  • The Club and the Italian Class websites will supply copy of a form to be completed and brought during the transfer in order to show the reason of the travel and to declare the status of the competitor about the virus.
  • The sailors need to collect all official information from their country origin official websites;
  • Melges24.it event page will be updated with all necessary event information. 
    That will not replace the "official notice board": government websites from origin and destination countries.

The Notice of Race of the European Sailing Series will be published after the new regulation of the Italian Sailing Federation and Government has been published and we can be sure that the event can take place.



ITA - Melges 24 Tour 2021

Talamone, Tuscany, Italy

Circolo Vela Talamone