Welcome, Croatia, to Melges 24 family!

March 25, 2021 - Croatia - International Melges 24 Class Association is happy to welcome the youngest national class - Croatian Melges 24 Class Association - to our family!

Croatian Melges 24 Class Association has been established on February 8, 2021 with 12 boat owners to be the members of the class. Chairman of the Croatian Melges 24 class is Filip Jurišić and Secretary is Boris Bakotič.

Croatian Sailing Federation recognized their status as a national class with the series of events scheduled for 2021.

The application of the Croatian Melges 24 Class to join International Melges 24 Class Association was approved by the Executive Committee of IM24CA on March 24.

Good luck, Croatian Melges 24 class!

May the winds favor your course as you voyage through your tour!

Welcome Croatia to Melges 24 family

Melges 24 fleet in Croatia

Croatian Melges 24 Sailing Series 2021