Update On 2012 Rule Changes From The IMCA Executive Committee

ISAF has now confirmed that the requested changes to Melges 24 Class Rules G.4.2 (jib zip luff), C.7.2 (rear gate line deflection) and C.4 (advertising) have been approved to come into force on 15 March 2012.  
For the sake of clarity and expediency, particularly in relation to the advertising and jib zip rules which effect construction of new equipment for the 2012 season, the IMCA Executive Committee has confirmed that boats complying with the following rules from today’s date (17 February 2012) will not be penalised.
G.4               Headsail

G.4.2               Construction
(i) The jib may be fitted with a zip luff designed to enclose the forestay, jib halyard and any purchase system used. The zip shall not be used as a device to alter the sail shape

C.7.2          Fittings

(a) USE

(1)            The rear gate line across the transom shall be closed whilst racing. It shall be in one continuous piece, fixed using shackles of optional design. The deflection at the centre when measured from a straight line between the attachment points shall not be more than 100mm

C.4          Advertising

C.4.1          Limitations

Advertising shall only be displayed in accordance the ISAF Advertising Code. (See ISAF Regulation 20).  Subject to the limitations of Regulation 20,
advertising chosen by the person in charge may be displayed.

Please note that changes to Rule C.2.2 Weights are still under review by ISAF and will not come into force until 15 March.

Please note that changes to Rule C.7.2 Fittings (Hiking Lines) are still under review by the Technical Committee and no further decision will be made on this rule change until the next IMCA World Council AGM which will take place on 24 November 2012