After 3 races the 2002 German Open 2002 saw GER 191 “KH+P” (Günter Tzeschlock, Regina Tzeschlock, Barbara Koepfer & Martin Ritsche) with 3 points in front of ITA 139 “Ale Ali 3” (Mario Ziliani & Crew, winners of German Open 2001).

Third place was taken by GER 263 “No Limits” steered by Wolfgang Welz & crew starting for WYC Friedrichshafen. On Thursday it was impossible to start a race due to a lack of wind – the Crews enjoyed the lovely location and were prepared for the “Bavarian Beer Diner” in the evening.

On Friday the race committee was able to finish 3 races which were sailed in light to moderate conditions (max. 10 Kts. wind speed). The third race has to be finished after completing the first round due to a nearby thunderstorm – this decision proved to be correct as bolts and thunder accompanied by heavy gusts and rain “welcomed” the teams when sailing back into the harbour.

The GER 191 crew showed a constant performance on this day being 3 times runner up – the winners of the races were: Mario Ziliani (ITA 139), Christian von Drathen (GER 427) & Alba Batzil (GER 507).

In the evening all crews were invited by the hosting club to a diner – all the teams were sitting together and discussed
the sailing and the further plans for 2002. It was a lovely evening which lasted until the early morning.

On Saturday the fourth race has to be cancelled after approx. 1 hour of sailing because the minimum speed was not
reached. The leaders were GER 263, GER 191 andITA 139.

The “German Touring Yacht Club”, one of the most famous clubs in Bavaria, showed a perfect organisation of the
races as well as for the social events. The Melges24 teams enjoyed the location very much and will be pleased to
come back for the Melges24 Cup 2003.

The German Class Association was pleased to welcome 14 Crews out of 4 nations (Italy, Suisse, Austria & Germany).
Special thanks to our Italian friends (ITA 139 – Mario Ziliani & Crew / ITA 421 – Egidi Babbi & Crew) who visited us on
the North side of the alps – some German boats will make for sure their the way to Torbole end of May and to
Cesenatico in September to compete in Italian events.

It was a pleasure to meet 4 new crews who started racing in the Melges24 this year – we hope that the Melges24
begins to be established in German speaking region.


01 GER191 K H+P Günter Tzeschlock, R. Tzeschlock, B. Koepfer, M. Ritsche

02 ITA139 Ale Ali 3 Mario Ziliani, E. Amadori, del’Acqua, I.Insevuini, G. Celleriano

03 GER263 No Limits Wolfgang Welz, C.+T. Kaldenbach, O. Venger, T. Stemmer

04 GER507 Vito Alba Batzill, H. Brochier, N. Strosek, E. Eich

05 ITA421 Egidio Babbi, Constant, Beck, Salvi

06 SUI336 OLP Michael Good, K. Hanhart, T. Koch, J. Haller

07 GER537 Dietrich Scheder, T. Iseler, J.P. Heymann, J. Mahnke, Wien

08 GER504 Lady Bones Andy Vincon, R. Teufel, T. Scherer, A. Köstler

09 GER427 Fritz Christian v. Drathen, M. von Schuhmann

10 GER327 Fat Lady Peter Wiesner, G. Schmitt, Schäffelhofer, Descher

11 SUI530 Acqua Marco Tribò, N. Castellan, P. Lanz

12 GER239 SLAM Christian Borck, A. Trurnit, B. Hite, P. Braunhofer

13 AUT251 Kookaboora Josef Hackl, A. Janschek, c. Hackl, S. Schlesinger

14 SUI270 Music in the Sun Ruedi Huber, P. Stadler, T. Lüchinger

Next year the German Open will be hold in the Northern region of Germany – the class association is in close contact
with the “Kieler Yacht Club” and is trying to organise the races during the “Kieler Woche / Kiel Week 2003” – we will
keep you informed.

Last minute entries are welcomed and further details are available from Günter Tzeschlock.