SEPTEMBER 13 - The deadline to send submissions to the Annual General Meeting of IM24CA

September 5, 2019 - IM24CA - The Invitation about the upcoming Melges 24 Class Association’s World Council’ Annual General Meeting (AGM)  to be held on November 9th in Bergen, Norway, was sent to IM24CA Executive and Technical Committees and to all representatives of the National Classes on August 26. Here’s the reminder that the deadline to send your submissions to the AGM is Friday, September 13th. 

Submissions can be made about:

Constitution, future events, class rules, technical  issues, regatta regulations, general  policies, nomination of the officers. 

The Executive Committee posts up for the elections are:

  1. Chairman - Jens Wathne NOR, was elected in 2014, 2 year term and re-elected in 2016, 3 year term - up for election - terms will end
  2. Vice Chairman Americas - Duncan Stamper CAN, was elected in 2016, 3 year term - up for election - may be re-elected for the second term 
  3. Member North America - Paul Krak Arntson USA, was elected in 2016, 3 year term - up for election - may be re-elected for the second term
  4. Member Europe -  Michael Good SUI, was elected in 2014, 2 year term and re-elected in 2016, 3 year term - up for election - may continue in another position 

See the list of current Executive Committee

Bids open for the future events: North-Americans 2021; Europeans 2022, Worlds 2022 etc.

Download here the Submission Form

Motions and nominations to be proposed at the AGM shall be submitted to the Class Administrator Piret Salmistu at 

More specific details about the venue with the timeline and deadlines for the submission of the motions and proposals you'll find at

National Classes are aked also to prepare the Annual Class Reports about the activities in your country and in your National Class and send it as soon as you can at to be published at the website.

National classes are asked to confirm the name of their representatives or proxies and any observers as soon as possible to assist us in the management and planning of the meeting.  National Classes are also reminded that, as per Class Constitution, World Council representatives must be Full Members of the Melges 24 Class.
Please download PROXY FORM (PDF | Word) in case you can't participate and would like someone to vote for you.