Peder Jahre & Team Terra Eiendomsmegling Are Norwegian Champions

From Nils Hauff in Norway - The Norwegian Championship was sailed this week-end in Tønsberg south of Oslo. This time the championship was limited to only Norwegian boats because we sailed for The Kings Cup. This Cup which has a very long tradition, is awarded by the Norwegian Sports Federation to a few sports every year. It was the first time the Melges 24 class competed for this Cup.

We saw the largest fleet ever of Norwegian Melges 24. 28 boats sailed 7 races in winds from 12-13 m/s to very light breeze in the last race. Unfortunately the organizers made too many starting lines that favoured one of the ends. This, however, did not play a decisive role for the results.

Kristoffer Spone, a three time Norwegian Champion, was in front through the whole championship until the last race. Before this race 5 boats were within 3 points. Kristoffer had 19 points, Geir Dahl Andersen, defending champion, had 20 points, Herman Horn-Johannessen had 21 points and Kristian Nergaard and Peder Jahre had 22 points. The last race in a light breeze would decide the results.

Carolina Toll in NOR 580 who broke the mast in the heavy wind in Saturday's first race, had got a new mast and was in front through the whole last race. Peder was chasing her, and secured a second place. Kristoffer then needed a fifth place to win the championship. He was number six most of the race only a few lengths away from the fifth place. He finished only a boat length behind number five. This made Peder Jahre and his crew in NOR 554 Terra Eiendomsmegling Norwegian Champions for the first time.