Parking after the event in Imperia and before the Europeans in Genova

September 19, 2022 - Genova, Italy - This is important and useful information from the Yacht Club Italiano for the Melges 24 teams taking part the Melges 24 Italian National Championship / 5th event of the European Sailing Series in Imperia on September 23-25 and will also participate at the Melges 24 Europeans in Genova in October. 

Unfortunately, in the period following the Imperia regatta, the Yacht Club Italiano is busy with an event of more than 200 offshore boats and spaces are occupied by tents and events, as in the same days there is the International Genoa Boat Show.
To give the opportunity to leave the boats in Genoa and its surroundings, we have contacted a large shipyard near the Genoa Airport (near the motorway exit and very convenient position).
It is an external property. So, contacts, payments, etc. they must be done directly with the yard.


Marina Genova
Via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia 203, 16154 Genova
Tel. +39 010 6143420
Mob. + 39 3385093450

The required amount is € 210 + VAT for the entire period.

Here are the contacts to make arrangements with the manager Giusy Murolo: