Oslo Flaggfabrikk Wins 2012 Melges 24 Norwegian National Championship

The Norwegian National Championship took place over the weekend and saw a great performance by last years winners, Oslo Flaggfabrikk, who took the gold, in front of Baghdad 2 and Rett Rundt Hjørnet.

35 teams from five nations, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and two teams with Italians on board. We believe that virtually all attended Saturday's big race dinner and the atmosphere was impeccable.

With sunny weather all the regatta, and winds around 8-12 knots for the two first days, the event was a pure pleasure for the competitive fleet. 


On Friday northerly wind was a clear current belt you could enjoy on the run and avoid on the upwind, while the new wind often came from the left. It was reasonably big sagg on the line, perhaps due to the current and all starts clear on the first attempt. The top six teams advanced slightly, and consisted as before of the most experienced in the class.

Three great races were conducted, before the class went to HYC for dockside dinner and chat. Clearly the sailors were eager to prepare for the next day and around 23.00 hrs most teams hit their beds.


Saturday started with  a short postponement on land while waiting for the south wind that had been reported. And it came with a strength around 8-12 knots, increasing slightly before it decreased at the end of the day. There was very little current and aggressive starts. With black flags up, it was a good number of boats that went on to get 36 points, perhaps the most unhappy was Storm with 2 bfd. With National rules though, you discard 2 from race 9, and with 6 races after 2 days , the hope was up for all teams, as Sunday's weather forecast called for enough wind.

Oslo Flag Fabarikk took their second Daily First, the results 3, 1 and 3, and thus leads by 6 points at Baghdad 2 and 7 points in front of Rett Rundt Hjørnet.

The fleet arrived at HYC five o'clock in the and socializing in the great afternoon sun. Around 19.30 started the club's annual meeting where many good discussions was conducted. 


The evening was also used for a more casual awards ceremony where the team who had travelled far, travelled much or was the best youth teams were awarded. Freddy from Estonia, BIG D from Stord and Parody took such rewards.

2012 best sailor:

Peder Jahre, for his outstanding performance with Storm Capital Sail Racing Team over many years, to put Norway on the map internationally, for good coaching and for many years on the Board.

Miss Melges:

This year's nicest price Miss Melges went to Carolina Toll from Airis, who has been active in the class for many years. We are very happy for all the mixed crewz in the class, it creates a good atmosphere and good competition.


Around midnight came the storm that was predicted and it blew very fresh all night, so even though it calm down until Sunday morning, the sea was so rough that the race committee decided to postpone and finally had to cancel.


We thank all of the officials, and especially Lars Erik Larsen, who over the years has hosted countless regattas for the class.

We also thank the sponsors Bama, Herbalife, North and Musto for nice support.



Team Oslo Flaggfabrikk:

From left:

Nils Jørgen Kittelsen, Thomas Smedsrud, Christoffer Sundby, Frode Bovim and Carsten Hopstock