News from the Italian Melges 24 Class Association

April 12, 2020 - Italy - In spite of the disaster the Covid-19 is causing all over the world, we believe it is correct to continue trying to anticipate, as far as possible, future scenarios in order to be able to produce the right initiatives in the proper direction.

When we decided to postpone the ACT 1 of the Melges24Tour there were no bans and restrictions from the Government and Sailing Federation but several sailors showed their disappointment for the decision taken by the Italian Class. Our fault was the cancellation of an event for a "futile and silly reason". Once again someone fell into the old stupid clichés directed to this part of the world but, we were right.

A few days later we anticipated the development of the crisis by canceling the second event in Gargnano. This time, everyone in Europe was aware of the tragedy in which the world was falling in and we could avoid other inappropriate comments.

Looking ahead, we rescheduled the 2020 calendar. Perhaps we were guilty of optimism but we believe in a “glass-half-full”.

The first regatta of the Melges24 season will be in Riva del Garda at the end of June.

It is difficult to correctly predict the progress of the crisis and the decisions that the sports and political world will take in the next weeks but we believe that any window of opportunity should not be wasted. It would be wonderful to return to sailing in one of the best race courses in the world. We must be aware that in that eventuality it will be necessary to review procedures and systems to avoid any problem related to the virus but that would also be an important message of Melges24's vitality and resilience after this horrific experience.

If it will not be possible to gather the Melges24 fleet in Riva del Garda, the appointment will be postponed to the second ACT in Torbole in the middle of July. The same club will be the organizer of ACT 3 which replaces the one canceled in Malcesine. The circuit will then move to Trieste and then return to Lake Garda in Gargnano for the race canceled at the beginning of May.

The Melges24Tour will open and close the sailing season in Europe.

The Italian Class will do her best to guarantee regatta opportunities to European competitors who wish to return to planing as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated as soon as the National Sports department will schedule the restart of competitions.

In the meantime, we invite everyone to respect rules and procedures which protect you and yours in the next weeks.


We take this opportunity to send you and your families our best wishes for a peaceful and Happy Easter.

Italian Melges24 Class Association