Melges 24 Worlds 2015: Live dock chats of the practice race day

29 June, 2015 - Middelfart, Denmark - Practice race day in the Middelfart Marina was full of action and sailors anxious to try the waters of the Melges 24 World Championship during the practice race. Morning started with a Competitors meeting at 10:45 and IMCA's videoteam made a great start for the full coverage what will follow during the week.

Look the dock chats as a Live Stream produced by Zerogradinord and supported by Bombarda Racing. Morning talks with Hank Stuart, Federico Michetti, Andrea Racchelli, Luca Faravelli, Andrea Pozzi, Niccolo Bianchi, Michele Gregoratto, Matteo Ivaldi. 

Morning interviews and dock talks will be broadcasted daily at 8:30 until 9:15 at Zerogradinord's channel here.