Melges 24 World Corinthian Championship - Joint Winners Declared

IMCA FORMAL STATEMENT - Following the recent Melges 24 World Championship prize giving in Hyeres it was brought to the organisers’ attention that an error may have been made in identifying the teams competing for the Corinthian Championship.

This oversight came to light at the final prize giving where the Challenge Henri Samuel Corinthian World Championship Trophy was presented to the crew of FRA612 Encore. The crew of EST646 Lenny had entered the Corinthian Division on their original entry form and had beaten the Encore crew by 0.6 points in the overall results so were surprised not to hear their names called at the prize giving. They immediately informed the event organisers, IMCA representatives and the International Jury Chairman that they believed an error had been made and asked for the situation to be investigated.

International Jury Chairman Tony O’Gorman undertook a detailed investigation which included sending a member of the jury to the COYCH to inspect the relevant paperwork and requesting reports from all parties involved. Following this investigation and consultation with the members of the International Jury, Tony O’Gorman made a report to the IMCA. His report confirmed that there had been an administrative error and that the Lenny should have been included in the Corinthian competition and concluded with the following statement:

“Lenny and Encore (particularly Lenny) through no fault of their own have been affected by an improper omission by the Organising Authority. Lenny’s result was better by less than one point and therefore under normal circumstances would be awarded the Corinthian Trophy. However there are other factors to be taken into consideration as both parties have been affected by the omission of the Organising Authority.

There is no easy solution to this problem that will totally satisfy everyone. All possible evidence has been collected from the appropriate sources and taking this into consideration the fairest arrangement possible for both boats affected is to share the Corinthian Trophy equally.

In summary, subject to both parties agreeing:

Under RRS 64.2, The Jury “shall make as fair an arrangement as possible for all boats affected……”

I would recommend and support the view of awarding the Corinthian Trophy jointly to both boats. I understand that the next World championship will be held in May 2007, each boat should retain the CT for 4.5 months subject to the approval of the donor.

Tony O’Gorman, IJ, International Jury Chairman”

On receipt of the International Jury Chairman’s report IMCA Chairman Henri Samuel then contacted the owners of Encore and Lenny to advise them of the outcome of the investigations. Cedric de Kervanoael on behalf of Encore and
Tõnu Tõniste on behalf of Lenny both graciously accepted the recommendation that the trophy be jointly awarded.

The IMCA is therefore pleased to confirm that the 2006 Melges 24 Corinthian World Championship Title is jointly awarded to Jean Francois Cruette helming FRA612 Encore, owned Cedric de Kervanoael and crewed by Maxime Lebassou, Damien Deprat Lerale and Pierre Lafuste; and to Tõnu Tõniste of EST646 Lenny with crew Toomas Tõniste, Maiki Saaring, Ants Haavel and Marko Lilienthal.

The IMCA would like to thank Tony O’Gorman and the International Jury for their assistance in resolving this most unfortunate situation. In order to prevent any similar problems at future Melges 24 Championships the IMCA Technical Advisor and Executive Committee are currently reviewing and revising the IMCA Regatta Regulations.