Melges 24 Class Rules 2019 Published by World Sailing

March 26, 2019 - IM24CA -  After reviewing the proposals to amend the Melges 24 Class Rules submitted by the World Council of the International Melges 24 Class Association, World Sailing has approved changes to the Melges 24 Class Rules on March 25th. A new edition of the Melges 24 Class Rules 2019 has published which comes into effect immediately.

Please note the changes to the class rules for 2019 as listed in the attached World Sailing document 2019 Class Rule Change.

Major change according to the new class rules is removing Class Rule H.3 - Random Crew Weight check during the regatta. Crews shall be weighed only during the registration period prior to racing. 

There are some amendments under Fittings in C.7.2 and H.2 concerning Bowsprit, Bow Eye, Cabin and tennis ball use in front of the stanchions. 

Added under H.2 - FITTINGS in BOWSPRIT section:
Optional: A bowsprit guide trolley assembly is permitted using a guideline attached to interior of cabin top running above the bowsprit, with a block that runs on the guideline, and a line extending down from the block slider to the aft upper end of the bowsprit. 
The block may be replaced by a ring, or loop used as a slider. 
Bowsprit launch block in cockpit sole: minimum 29mm ; maximum 40 mm 

Look at the helpful images and drawings below:

H2 Fittings - bowprit 4

H2 Fittings - bowprit 2 Line

H2 Fittings - bowprit 3 Timble


H2 Fittings - bowprit 3

Added under H.2 FITTINGS
Optional:  To prevent ripping of spinnaker in drops, tennis balls or similar size and shape objects are permitted in front of the stanchion.

In Class Rule C.11 – Boat Handling the new rule to read is as follows:
RRS 42.3 (c) is modified to read: 
Except on a beat to windward, when surfing (rapidly accelerating down the front of a wave) or planing is possible, the boat’s crew may pull in any sail in order to initiate surfing or planning. The Spinnaker may be pulled without restrictions in all conditions.

The changes in Class Rule H.3 Bow Numbers are housekeeping.

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