ITA - 24Stories - July Newsletter for all Melges 24 sailors

In the measure of things everything is relative, 22 is half of 44 but also double of 11. Which reference system to use in evaluating a number ?

The solution does not exist, but it is certain that when you turn around and see smiling faces, when the results are disappointing but people are happy and when those in charge of other classes call to compliment for the good job, 22 is bigger than twice eleven.

Torbole's ACT 1 was certainly a success. The sports world in general has suffered a lot in Europe due to the chain of events created by the virus but the Lake Garda regatta has shown how powerful the desire to return to the water is.

Italy, in this period, is clearly favored by several factors: the excellent conditions regarding the contagion, the super wind on the scheduled race courses, the favorable conditions regarding the hospitality as many activities offer competitive prices in order to overcome the period of crisis.

In many areas of the planet, however, the situation is still dramatic and more time will be needed before a stable return to the “new normal life”. The effects of the pandemic have significantly changed consolidated habits and at the venue the regatta is managed in compliance with the new procedures. The twenty-two of Torbole have experimented with the new system, understanding its need and the consequent advantage they could get. Being able to return to racing is a privilege for the few, a pleasure that was once taken for granted and is now denied to many.

Our community is at least partially on the starting line.

Our sailors are still actors and directors of a wonderful movie called Melges24.

Italian Melges 24 Class Association


ACT 1 of Melges24Tour, Altea is the Master of the Lake

After 9 races in 17/22 Kts of southern wind, Andrea Racchelli ITA-722 wins the event followed by Tõnu Tõniste & Friends. EST-790 Lenny is also first in the Corinthian Division. Third place for Melgina ITA-693, owner Paolo Brescia, which closes only two points from the Estonian jet.

The event determined the 2020 Italian National Champions, ITA-693 Melgina is the first Italian crew in the overall ranking, Taki 4 ITA-778, owner Giacomo Fossati with Niccolo Bertola at the helm, is the fastest Italian Corinthiam Team.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks all teams on the water.

Images at Italian Class FB page

Andrea Racchelli, Tõnu Tõniste and Paolo Brescia - the overall podium of the 2020 Melges 24 Italian Championship in Torbole
Tõnu Tõniste EST, Niccolo Bertola ITA and Sergio Caramel ITA - 2020 Melges 24 Italian Nationals, Corinthian podium

Next great event on Lake Garda

We are ready for ACT 2, a new amazing weekend of sailing pushed by the most famous "wind machine" is about to go on stage. Our boats will start planing on Friday August 7th between the new GPS controlled marks in one of the most fascinating natural environments, Lake Garda.

Download the Notice of Race and take your front raw seat: