IM24CA World Council - Annual General Meeting 2019 - summary and voting results

November 10, 2019 - Bergen, Norway - World Council of the IM24CA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Bergen Norway yesterday. Here’s a short overview about the voting results and decisions made.

Jens Wathne, the Chairman of IM24CA was chairing the meeting and read his annual report. He was also thanking all the IM24CA officers and NCAs all around the world for a great work carried out together during 7 years when he has been in IM24CA Executive Committee, 5 years of which as a Chairman. Full report available at AGM 2019 website.

Jens Wathne

Jens Wathne - photo Pierrick Contin

Financial, technical, marketing and builder’s reports were presented and the budget for 2020 was accepted.

The elections of officers were held

Current IM24CA Treasurer Laura Grondin (USA) was elected as the new Chair of IM24CA.

Laura GrondinLaura Grondin - photo Pierrick Contin

Duncan Stamper (CAN) was re-elected as the Vice-Chairman Americas.

Krak Arntson (USA) was re-elected as the Member North-America, Duane Yoslow withdrew his candidacy.

Michael Tarabochia (GER), the President of German Melges 24 Class was elected as the new Member Europe.


Michael Tarabochia

Michael Tarabochia - photo Zerogradinord

Since the position of Treasurer will be open, it was decided to held the Extraordinary General Meeting soon to elect new Treasurer.

Big Thanks to Jens Wathne and Member Europe Michael Good for all their time and devotion to the class during many many years! 

Proposed Class Rule Changes 

Submission of Canada #1 - Allow the use of deck reinforcement at stanchion locations – was unanimously voted in favor. Corrections in wording will be made and the dimensions, materials and drawings will be added before submitting the amendment to the World Sailing. Amendment passes.

Submission of Canada #2 - Change the keel position definition – Both Technical Committee and World Council agreed that some data need to be collected and decided to postpone this proposal to the AGM 2020.

Submission of USA #1 - Rule 2.2 to change; 375kg, to, 385kg – Long discussion was carried on this topic and submission. Many arguments and real-life experiences while testing different crew weights were reported. The submission was not voted in (28 in favor / 34 against). 

Proposed amendments

Submission of Italy #1 - Regatta Regulations - Melges 24 Championship Rules - World Championship Rules / Continental Championship Rules - Organizing Authority – was not voted in. (9 in favor / 57 against)

Submission of Italy #2 - Event Management Requirements 2019  – D: IM24CA Personnel & Media Team - International Measurer Fees – Amendment passes (59 in favor / 7 against) 

Proposed changes to the Class Constitution   

Submission of Italy #1 - Modifications # 2 OBJECTS – Long discussion was carried on the topic and it was agreed that the consequences of the amendment are not clear to all. Italy retracted the submission and the working group will be created to do some investigation and discuss the topic at the future AGM.

Submission of Italy #2 - New # 12.14 – The submission passes unanimously with the following wording: The IM24CA will make all reasonable attempts to schedule at least one informal meeting at World and Continental Championships each calendar year. Such meetings shall be open to all members of the International Melges24 Class Association; the main purpose is to provide a forum for individual members to express their views and opinions. No decisions made at such meetings shall be binding on the IM24CA or its Executive or Technical Committees.

Melges 24 events

Reporting of the 2019 North Americans and Worlds was made and overviews about the future events were presented.

  • 2019 North Americans, Grand Traverse YC, MI - August 15-18, 2019 – recap
  • 2019 Worlds, Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy - October 5-12, 2019 – recap
  • 2020 Worlds, Charleston, SC, USA - May 1-9, 2020 – - Notice of Race will be published shortly.
  • 2020 Europeans, Portoroz, Slovenia - September 5-12, 2020 – The reason to move the event from August to September - more options for accommodation are available.
  • 2021 Worlds, Denmark – Dates and venue confirmed – Aarhus, June 18-26 - Great new facilities built for the World Sailing World Cup recently and great sailing conditions. See more information 

Future Events, proposals & decisions

2021 - National Yacht Club in Toronto, Canada will host the 2021 Melges 24 North American Championship – September 15-19.

2022 - San Francisco Yacht Club’s bid to host the 2022 Melges 24 Worlds will be presented at the upcoming EGM, at the same time when new Treasurer will be elected.

No decisions were made on the future events based on the intentions only, but the letters were noted. The bids for the future events will be presented at the future AGMs.

New people onboard

Mike Gozzard

Nomination of the Technical Committee North American Member with Mike Gozzard’s (CAN) candidacy passes and he was appointed as the new North American Member in the Technical Committee.

Branko Parunov

Melges 24 Class Measurer Branko Parunov (SLO), who recently was appointed by the World Sailing as the International Melges 24 Class Measurer, was appointed to be the new Melges 24 Chief International Measurer & Technical Advisor.

Other businesses

Submission to the AGM by the Executive Committee about third party photo and video usage as an evidence was presented and discussed. “The use of any third party photo, video or drone footage, meaning that which is not directly controlled by the PRO or Regatta Race Committee shall not be permitted as evidence in any request for redress or protest brought to the Race Committee.”

Amendment passes and will be added to the Regatta Regulations.

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