IM24CA Technical Committee Update: World Sailing Has Ratified Our Most Recent Rule Change Proposals

August 17, 2020 - IM24CA - The International Melges 24 Class Association is pleased to announce that World Sailing has ratified our most recent rule change proposals. 

The following rule changes are now in effect. Click here. 

Click here for the particular Class Rule amendments' document

Background: In early 2020, the Technical Committee was tasked with resolving two issues prior to the now cancelled 2020 World Championships. The first was to address how our rudders are being measured and the second was to address a potential supply issue related to our sole current licensed mast supplier. The mast supply issue was deemed critical to the welfare of the class and warranted fast tracking a rule change which including having to convene an EGM.

Synopsis: In addition to some house keeping regarding language and definitions of the rudder fittings, the new rudder rule measures the rudder and tiller as an assembly which now includes the pin(s). The assembly must weigh a minimum of 9.3kgs. An addition sub-section was created to define how to correct an underweight assembly. Corrector weights can now be mounted on the bottom of the tiller or alternatively inside the boat on the transom. Please note the rudder and tiller are now a matched set. Replacement of either element will require consultation with your local class measurer. 

The changes to the mast rule were made primarily to allow the class and the builder to be able to license an additional supplier if required. The old rule limited the class to a single source. It should be noted that at this time, Southern Spars is still the only class approved spar supplier.

If you have any questions or comments please know that they are encouraged. Feel free to contact your technical committee at any time.

Mike Gozzard

IM24CA Technical Committee Chair