High Winds at German Open 2008

From the German Melges 24 Class - From 12-14 September Flensburger Segel Club (www.fsc.de) hosted the “German Open 2008” for the International Melges 24 Class. The German Class Association were happy to welcome 18 teams in Germany’s most northerly city close to the Danish boarder. Teams from Hungary, Switzerland, Ireland, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden demonstrated the international success of the Melges24 Class.

Weather conditions on Friday were extreme and there would have been no sailing if there would be a max. wind speed-limit in force for the Melges 24. Winds with 25 knots with gusts in the high 30s made conditions very challenging. But it worked – no major damages (except a few sails which were blown off) and all crews hoisted the kites for blasting downwind rides.

The current leaders in the GER/AUT/SUI- Ranking, Arpad Litkey and Team Proximo on HUN 728 won the first race in great style – but Oliver Schwall and his crew in “Rat Pack – GER 627” answered by winning the second race. The excellent race committee lead by Claus-Otto-Hansen decided 2 races in these extreme conditions are enough and the fleet flew back into the harbor.

Saturday was more moderate with max. wind speed of 20-25 knots and an average of 15 knots and 3 races could be sailed on Up- and Down courses with finish line leeward to the Lee-Gate. The races on Saturday were won by SUI 382 “Zero Two” helmed by Michael Good, GER 640 “Ka Nalu Nui” helmed by chairman Günter Tzeschlock and again HUN 728 “Team Proximo”.
By Saturday Night Team “Proximo” was in the lead closely followed by Oliver Schwall’s “Rat Pack” – the Sunday races should decide the German Open 2008.

The weather got better – sunshine and winds with maximum 15 knots promised close racing for the title. And “Team Proximo” did it again and scored a bullet in race no. 6 and could secure their win of the German Open 2008. First victory for this highly motivated crew in an IMCA event – more will follow for sure. The final race was won by “Team Zero-Two” from Switzerland – this enabled them to take third place on equal points with local Jörn Petry on GER 637 sailing “Haiopei” who took 4th place.

Anything else? – YES:
It was a great time at Flensburg with nice parties organized by the club or by the class (free beer on the docks) or private: Team Bad Boys invited all crews for “Caipirinha” and “Cuba Libre” at their mobile home before teams went to the championship dinner.
Melges 24 class did a good job and sailors from other classes were impressed by the performance of boats and crews.

The German Class wants to thank the teams from the other countries for joining us at our Nationals – see you again next year at Chiemsee for the German Open 2009 (29.05.-01.06.2009) and enjoy sailing on Bavarias biggest lake.
Günter Tzeschlock / 15.09.2008


Final Results

1. HUNG727, Team Proximo, Arpad Litkey/X-Sailing Kft - 10
2. GER627, Rat Pack, Oliver Schwall - 15
3. SUI382, Zero Two, Michael Good - 25
4. GER637, Haiopei, Jorn Petry - 26
5. GER504, Disco Volante, Christof Wieland/Sebastian Gastl - 42
6. GER640, Ka Nalu Nui, Guenter Tzeschlock - 43
7. GER653, Ferun, Alexander Hagen/Heitmann & Boguhn - 43
8. NOR560, LyckeII, Arne David-Andersen - 44
9. IRL607, Embarr, Conor Clarke - 50
10. GBR557, Imagine, David Rowen - 54
11. GER266, Bostik Bad Boys, Jan Schmidt - 56
12. GER263, No Limits, Konrad Kuehner/Rheinheimer & Aujesky - 66
13. GER543, Dali Dali, Markus Regner - 66
14. USA677, White Room Andy Vincon - 71
15. GER519, Colt, Dirk Petersen/Eignergemeinschaft Colt - 73
16. GER672, Pearl, Peter Goeckel - 80
17. SWE172, Team Jacuzzi, Torsten Bergh - 85
18. GER334, Acatenango, Markus Scheel- 89