Harf, Ayres and Doctors Without Borders Win Before Line Honors Melges 24 US Nationals

September 27, 2016 - US - Article by Brian Hutchinson, USA 201 - San Francisco surgeon and Corinthian sailor, Robert Harf (USA 77 Bones) and reigning Melges 24 World Winter Series Champion, Bruce Ayres (USA 851 Monsoon) have already won by converting their drawing prizes to auction items for Doctors Without Borders, the designated charity of the U.S. Melges 24 Class.

"Doctors Without Borders has been offering emergency medical care in some of the most difficult areas in the world for decades. They go in after natural disasters, and in war-torn areas around the world. Over a hundred doctors and nurses died this year in places like Syria, yet people keep volunteering," said Dr. Harf.

Stage 2 of the 2016 Melges 24 North American Tour is just over a week away and teams from as far as Australia, British Columbia, California, Chile and Florida are returning to Zenda to celebrate Buddy Melges’ 87th year on Lake Geneva.

(Title Sponsor Line Honors, and Associate Sponsors Bluesmiths and Hutchinson Sports, have contributed performance gear to the cause.)



Melges 24 US Nationals 2016