European Sailing Series 2020 Event 2 - Melges 24 Austrian Open Postponed to 28 - 30 August 2020

April 8, 2020 - Kammersee, Austria - The Austrian government has announced this week that no events, incl. sports events, can be hosted until end of June 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis. In this context the organizing club Segelclub Kammersee, the International Melges 24 Class Association and the Austrian Melges 24 Class have jointly decided to postpone the Austrian Open regatta to 28 - 30 August 2020.
Michael Schineis, Chairman of the Austrian Melges 24 Class: “The Melges 24 Class is very thankful to Segelclub Kammersee for its flexibility and its great support to our Class. We had great regattas at Attersee in the past years and we would like to keep this momentum also for the future. The new date of the regatta is just one weekend before we start the Melges24 European Championships in Portoroz and the regatta at Attersee can provide to our teams very attractive training and racing days as preparation of the most important event of our Class in Europe this year.”
SCK President Stephan Beurle: „It will be our pleasure to welcome the Melges 24-Euro-Series-Family at our Club more than ever. Postponing is the right thing to do. All the best for all of you from our side and may the friendly early autumn winds be with us then.”

The status of the next regattas in the Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2020 will be the subject to review for the International Melges 24 Class Association depending on the restrictions in Europe and at least one month before each event together with the Italian and Slovenian Melges 24 Class Associations.