Don't miss it - Melges 24 Europeans 2022 in Genova!

August 23, 2022 - Genova, Italy - Please find below a letter and invitation from Michael Tarabochia, IM24CA Member Europe, the owner of White Room GER677.


Dear Melges 24 sailors and representatives of the National classes in Europe,

We have two hard covid years behind us when we haven’t seen each other competing together at Melges 24 regattas. But what a blast it was to meet some of you in Portoroz, Slovenia last September at the Melges 24 Europeans! This regatta was like a great family reunion for those who made it there! 

We hope to feel the same feeling at the Melges 24 Europeans in Genova, hosted by one of the oldest yacht clubs in Mediterranean – Yacht Club Italiano on October 22-29.

You or your country fellows might think that the end of October is too late for sailing in Genova, but these dates have been selected carefully giving to the sailors a chance to practice and improve their performance during the season, also to avoid crowded times of the holidays and touristic high season. 

The days in Genova in October are not hot anymore, but nice and warm tough. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 20.0°C and the minimums at night will go no lower than 14.0°C. 

Logistically it’s easy to reach Genova. The central position in the Mediterranean, the ease of access to the location thanks to a complete motorway system and the many airports close to the city, make Genoa a great location for a Melges 24 reunion event in Europe. And not only ­– it’s easy to ship the boat there from overseas because of the port access and the main airport is just 10 km far from the yacht club. Read more about the logistics here

We hope that the proximity to the French border will attract to join our reborn Melges 24 fleet in France and the rapidly grown class with great teams in Croatia are not far either. 

There are often just little things that keep teams from registering for the regatta, such as:
- one or two team members are missing,
- boat is missing spare parts,
- you want to have some practice before the event and are looking for partners,
just to name a few examples.

We as the International Class can support you in many ways. We can set up a Crew Market at the event website to find crew members and help in many other ways as well. We are currently collecting an information about the available charter boats - maybe this is also an alternative for you.

Please contact our Class Administrator Piret at with your concerns and wishes so that you can be on the starting line in Genova.

We haven’t seen the teams from the North for a so long time and hope that to finish the season in South would attract teams from Northern Europe to join as well. We can’t wait to pay a visit to Denmark’ Worlds next year! 

Genoa is an interesting location for competitors and families who will be able to experience a cuisine rich in dishes that have conquered the world. Olive oil, vegetables and aromatic herbs are the basis of the local cuisine, simple and balanced, whose most famous specialties are pesto and focaccia.  

Get more information about the yacht club, Genova and its history and surroundings here

Also, you can arrive in South and in the area of the Europeans already earlier – rehearsal event for the Europeans will take place in Imperia, hosted by the Porto Maurizio Yacht Club on September 23-25 – all information is available here 

The Organizing Authority is arranging an area where boats will be parked after the event. The boats will be collected later in order to move to the European Championship in Genova. All entered teams will be informed by email.


2022 Melges 24 Europeans’ website
Event at YCI website

We are very much looking to see you all and many of your fellow country teams in Genova in October! 


Yours sincerely, 


Michael Tarabochia
IM24CA Member Europe
White Room GER677

2022 Melges 24 Europeans - Genova, Italy