Are you ready? Bacardi ready?

October 20, 2020 - Miami, USA - Now is the time to register for Bacardi!

To all the Melges 24 sailors planning on sailing the Bacardi Series events, here is some useful information:

REGISTRATION IS OPEN and you can click on these link to sign up:
Winter Series 1 
Winter Series 2
• Bacardi Invitational Regatta

NOR is posted and can be downloaded here:
• NOR event 1
• NOR event 2
• NOR event 3 (starts on page 9)

For information on week-end storage or in between regatta storage you can send us an email at You can also check out this document for off site storage options. 

Discounted Hotel Rates are now available for all 3 events and can be dowloaded here:
December, January & March Rates

Please call or email Elizabeth Kravitz at to inquire about rate / room and make your reservation. 

We are of course committed to protecting the health of all and are continuing to monitor government guidelines for the staging of safe events. Especially for event #1 in December, there is a good chance skipper's meetings might be held via Zoom, registration might be limited to package pick ups and social gatherings might be limited to to-go cocktails and dinners. 

We will be posting additional documents on the 'unofficial notice board' on yachtscoring in the coming weeks. 

We hope to see you all soon in Miami.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns!

The OA