2024 Melges 24 North American Sailing Series Announced

November 29, 2023 - The International Melges 24 Class Association (IM24CA), in conjunction with the U.S. and Canadian Melges 24 Class Associations, proudly present the North American Sailing Series 2024 schedule.

The 2024 Melges 24 North American Sailing Series Notice of Race (NOR) has been issued. 

The Series includes 10 events spanning the North American continent. From Miami, FL to Muskegon, MI; from Charleston, SC to the World Championship in San Francisco, CA; from West Vancouver, Canada and back to Pensacola, FL there is an event on the upcoming schedule for everyone. This is your chance to race your Melges 24 locally, regionally, nationally and internationally!

Save the following dates and events of the 2024 Melges 24 North American Sailing Series:

EVENT NO. 1: Melges 24 Midwinters / Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta - February 16-18
Hosted by Sailing World - St. Petersburg, FL

EVENT NO. 2: Bacardi Cup Invitational - March 6-9
Hosted by Shake-A-Leg Miami/Biscayne Bay Yacht Club - Coconut Grove, FL

EVENT NO. 3: Southeast Inland Championship - April 6-7
Hosted by Lake Lanier Sailing Club - Lake Lanier, GA

EVENT NO. 4: Charleston Race Week - April 18-21
Hosted by Patriots Point Navel and Maritime Museum, Charleston (Mt. Pleasant), SC

EVENT NO. 5: Muskegon Spring Championship - May 18-19
Hosted by Muskegon Yacht Club - Muskegon, MI

EVENT NO. 6: U.S. National Championship - July 11-14
Hosted by Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara, CA

EVENT NO. 7: Grand Traverse Invitational - August 17-18
Hosted by Grand Traverse Yacht Club - Traverse City, MI

EVENT NO. 8: World Championship - August 17-24
Hosted by The San Francisco Yacht Club - San Francisco (Belvedere), CA

EVENT NO. 9: Canadian National Championship - September 20-22
Hosted by West Vancouver Yacht Club - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

EVENT NO. 10: Bushwhacker Cup / Atlantic & Gulf Coast Championships - November 8-10
Hosted by Pensacola Yacht Club - Pensacola, FL

Melges 24 teams around the world are cordially invited to participate. 

The events available in the Calendar and on the 2024 Melges 24 North American Sailing Series website.