2021 Italian Melges 24 Tour dates and venues

December 24, 2020 - Italy - When we go through troubled times like the ones we are experiencing, activities such as sailing can appear to many futile and insignificant. Certainly, the few who get on a boat just because it is necessary to be accepted in the "local exclusive club" will know how to replace sailing a beat at the hiking lines with any playful activity. For those, on the contrary, whose heart accelerates every time they launch the mooring line on the dock, the year that is ending brought important sacrifices. Referring to the latter we have created the new 2021 regatta season, a series of events imagined to satisfy the primary needs of those who live of sailing and for sailing.

The Italian Melges24 Class awaits you all with sails hoisted on the most beautiful regatta courses in Europe.

We send to you and to your families the Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Italian Melges24 Class Association


2021 Melges 24 Tour Update

We are happy to inform you all the plan for 2021 Tour now includes a new regatta in Trieste.

That's an important improvement which will bring the series to no. 6 events.

We do think more opportunities to sail in nice locations will be appreciated by our sailors and we are sure many boats will move to  Italy in order to live the best sailing experience.

ITA - Melges 24 Tour 2021