2018 Melges 24 European Sailing Series - Day 3 in Torbole: Maidollis Takes It All!

July 1, 2018 - Torbole, Italy- There is only room for Maidollis in Torbole, North Lake Garda: after three days of racing and a full series of nine regattas, the 2017 World Champions led by owner Gian Luca Perego and with the duet Fracassoli-Fonda at helm and tactics reached the highest step of the podium, with an impressive scoreline (1-5-3-1-1-1-1-1-DNS) and with one race to spare.
Maidollis ITA854 - Torbole 2018 - ZGN/Im24CA
Overwhelming victory for Maidollis ITA854 with Gian Luca Perego,Carlo Fracassoli, Enrico Fonda, Stefano Lagi and Matteo Ramian in crew, with an impressive scoreline (1-5-3-1-1-1-1-1-DNS) and with one race to spare. Photo (c)ZGN/IM24CA
"We are impressed by our own result: looking at our scoreline, one might think it was easy to win this event, but actually we put all of our strengths and efforts to reach this result. Having performed well here it's important in perspective of our main event of the season, the Europeans of Riva del Garda in August. Enrico and Carlo know this race course very well and I think this is what really made the difference here," commented Gian Luca Perego from Maidollis ITA854 after the races. 
TAKI 4 ITA778 - Torbole 2018 - ZGN/IM24CA
The winner of the last race of the series and also the winner of the Corinthian Division is Marco Zammarchi's Taki 4 ITA778 scoring 4-(27)-5-10-3-7-11-3-1, with Niccolo Bertola, Giacomo Fossati, Giovanni Bannetta and Lorenzo Piccioni aboard.. Photo (c)ZGN/IM24CA
The second place of the overall podium is for Taki 4 ITA778 (11-3-1 the scores of today) by Marco Zammarchi, winner of the last race of the series and also on top of the standings of the Corinthian division.
War Canoe USA841 - Torbole 2018 - photo ZGN/IM24CA
War Canoe USA841 (3-2-7 today) by Michael Goldfarb completed the overall podium as third. Photo (c)ZGN/IM24CA
The Americans on board War Canoe (3-2-7) by Michael Goldfarb, at their second attendance in the 2018 Melges 24 European Sailing Series circuit, closed the event in third position overall, making of constancy in results their main strength.
Lenny EST790 - Torbole 2018 - photo ZGN/IM24CA
Tõnu Tõniste's Lenny EST790 (2-5-5) ended the regatta on the second level of the Corinthian podium, being fourth in overall ranking. Photo (c)ZGN/IM24CA
Tight competition also in the Corinthian division, where as already said the success eventually went to Taki 4, with a great margin over the followers: 18 points divide the crew of the 2016 and 2017 Corinthian World Champions from Tõnu Tõniste's Lenny EST790 (2-5-5), which could still climb up to the second position of the Corinthian podium benefitting at the best from the strong wind conditions of today. Third place in the division reserved to non professionals went to Miles Quinton's Gill Race Team GBR694 (5-15-8) with Geoff Carveth helming. 
Gill Race Team GBR694 - Torbole 2018 -  IM24CA / Zerogradinord
Top 6 was closed by Miles Quinton's Gill Race Team GBR694 (5-15-8) with Geoff Carveth helming, completing the Corinthian podium as third. Photo (c)ZGN/IM24CA
M24ESS2018 - Torbole - video cover
Now the countdown will start for the main Melges 24 event in Europe, European Championship 2018 to be hosted by Fraglia Vela Riva on Lake Garda in one month time - August 3-10. More than seventy boats have signed up so far and counting. Europeans will be scored also as the fourth event of the 2018 European Sailing Series to collect the points for the ranking of the season.


Top 10 of the 3rd event of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series in Torbole (9 races): 
1. ITA 854 MAIDOLLIS - 1-5-3-1-1-1-1-1-(DNS) - 14 pts 
    Carlo Fracassoli, Enrico Fonda, Luca Perego, Stefano Lagi, Matteo Ramian
2. ITA 778 TAKI 4 - 4-(27)-5-10-3-7-11-3-1 - 44pts CORINTHIAN 
    Niccolo Bertola, Giacomo Fossati, Marco Zammarchi Giovanni Bannetta, Lorenzo Piccioni
3. USA 841 WAR CANOE - 12-2-16-7-7-(ufd)-3-2-7 - 56 pts
    Michael Goldfarb, Morten Henriksen, David Brink, Ian Sloan, Salvador Sanchez Rodriguez
4. EST 790 LENNY - 13-9(30)4-20-4-2-5-5 - 62 pts CORINTHIAN
    Tõnu Tõniste, Toomas Tõniste, Tammo Otsasoo, Maiki Saaring, Kristen Pugi
5. USA749 LUCKY DOG / GILL RACE TEAM - 7-(22)-9-12-19-10-4-4-4 - 69 pts
    Travis Weisleder, Mike Buckley, George Peet, John Bowden, Megan Ratliff
6. GBR 694 GILL RACE TEAM - 9-(31)-22-3-5-13-5-15-8 - 80 pts CORINTHIAN 
    Geoff Carveth, Miles Quinton, William Goldsmith, Andrew Blundell, Holly Scott
7. ITA 722 ALTEA - (ufd)-1-20-21-6-8-7-12-6 - 81 pts 
   Andrea Racchelli, Gaudenzio Bonini, Michele Gregorato, Federico Zampiccoli, Alberto Verna
8. RUS 817 STRIIBOG - 11-10-12-6-8-18-8-9-(20) - 82 pts 
    Leonid Altukhov, Aleksandr Adrianov, Alexander Bozhko, Sergey Chertsov, Maxim Kuzmin
9. ITA490 HAGAR - 6-7-7-8-12-(27)-25-6-13 - 84 pts 
    Vincenzo Race, James Brucato, Matteo Ivaldi, Simone Schettino, Francesco Ivaldi
3. EST 791 ZUXU - 5-8-8-5-9-20-16-17-(23) - 88 pts 
    Peter Saraskin, Lorenzo Bodini, Paavo Pettai, Kalev Tanner, Triin Sarapuu
Onsite media coverage is provided by Silvia Gallegatti and Mauro Melandri of Zerogradinord. 
2018 Melges 24 European Sailing Series consists of the six events altogether. The season opened in Tuscany, in iconic Punta Ala and continued in Portoroz, Slovenia in April (27-29), that welcomed the Melges 24 class for the fifth time after the successful events of the past four years. The 2018 Melges 24 European Sailing Series has moved now on to the internal waters, with a double appointment on the Garda Lake: Torbole (June 29 up to July 1), where the Melges 24 international fleet will return after the 2012 Worlds with the record number of 127 entries, and Riva del Garda (August 3-10) for the Melges 24 European Championship. The season will end with the Melges 24 Italian Championship to be sailed on the Como Lake in Domaso (September 14-16), and with the Lino Favini Cup, also valid as Swiss Open Championship held in Luino (October 12-14) 
More information and the  Notice of Race of the series can be found at melges24.com/europeansailingseries