With great sadness we have to inform you that 43 year old Giorgio Zuccoli passed the finishing line on the night of 27 March 2001. For once there were no cheers only tears from his family and many friends across the world who feel the pain of having lost a person whom we all loved and respected.

Giorgio's passion to do his best at whatever he undertook was an example to us all. His many sporting successes at the highest level of competition were accepted with a natural enjoyment. There was no boasting no expectations just a simple pleasure from having done his best and succeeded.

Whilst Giorgio was a tough competitor he was also fair and wished to win honestly. It is these simple human standards coupled with his enjoyment for life that made him such an enduring person. Giorgio won World Championships in Tornado and Melges 24. He also won 4 European and 9 National Championships besides many International Regattas in various classes.

The challenge of Sailmaking gave Giorgio the opportunity to release his creative and technical flair. He was constantly looking for improvement, be it through sail shape or materials. This intense interest also incorporated everything associated with his sailing. Perfection in all that interested him was a key to his life.

Giorgio was blessed with a lovely wife and daughter whom he loved very much and was very proud. Our sympathies go out to you Cristina and Maria. You like us have been fortunate in having known one of the worlds finest humans.

Thank you Giorgio, you will always be a champion in our hearts.