Members by Countries

According to the Melges 24 Class Rule B.2.1.: The owner and helmsman shall be a current member of their NCA (National Class Association) or, where there is no NCA in his country, a member of the ICA (IM24CA) or and NCA nominated by the ICA.

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Name Nat Sail no. Boat name Club Type
Alan Barnes CAN 497 Distraction ... Associate Member
Dan Berezin CAN 629 Surprise NA Full Member
Mike Gozzard CAN 31 Rush ... Full Member
Linnea Granberg CAN 364 Byrr ... Associate Member
Mieke Koehoorn CAN 371 Lekker ... Full Member
Willie Mackle CAN 458 Fullmoon ... Full Member
John Marentette CAN 99 Spitfire South Port Sailing Club Full Member
Fraser McMillan CAN 415 SUNNYVALE ... Full Member
Geoffrey McMurray CAN 31 Rush ... Associate Member
Richard Reid CAN 853 Zingara National Yacht Club Toronto Full Member
Uri Saks CAN 723 723 National Yacht Club Toronto Full Member
Matthew Sheridan CAN 17 TBD RHYC Full Member
Duncan Stamper CAN 11 Goes To Eleven Royal Victoria Yacht Club Full Member
Robert Wigny CAN 523 Notorious ... Full Member