IM24CA Executive Committee Nominations and Motions - Deadline on Monday, September 19

IM24CA Executive Committee Nominations and Motions - Deadline on Monday, September 19

September 16, 2016 - IM24CA - The deadline for submitting final International Melges 24 Class Association (IM24CA) nominations and motions for the 2016 Annual general Meeting is September 19, 2016 (12 pm UK time).

Last year IM24CA updated the constitution at the EGM2015. It was an important move to make sure that the association is governed by the standards according to ISAF. Members in our association worked hard to get it approved by ISAF. The work and the approved constitution has no references to the transition of elections of officers.

When the AGM notes and timelines where published, the IM24CA central office sent out a nomination list of too few candidates based on one interpretation of the transition into the new and updated constitution. This was however wrong. The nominees list is now corrected and checked by ISAF.

Please see below the list of Executive positions, in bold, that are up for election at the 2016 Annual General Meeting:

  • Chair, Jens Wathne elected 2014 replacing Riccardo Simoneschi, 2 year term, up for election 2016 
  • Vice Chair Europe, Miles Quinton elected 2015 replacing Michael Schineis, 3 year term, up for election 2018 
  • Vice Chair America, Brian Hutchinson selected by popular vote to replace Rob Britts 2014, 2 year term, up for election 2016 
  • Vice Chair Asia/Pacific, vacant (new position created at 2015 EGM, new constitution), up for election 2016 
  • Treasurer, Tomi Hakola elected 2008 (assumed, couldn't locate pre 2010 minutes), 3 year term, re-elected 2011, Gina Borsa CAN nominated 2013 and lost, term extended 1 year 2014, term extended 1 year 2015, up for election 2016 
  • Member Europe, Michael Good elected 2014 replacing Jens Wathne, 2 year term, up for election 2016 
  • Member America, Duncan Stamper elected 2014 replacing Simon Strauss, 2 year term, up for election 2016 
  • Member Asia/Pacific, Kevin Nixon elected 2015 replacing Warwick Rooklyn, 3 year term, up for election 2018 
  • Chair of the Technical Committee, Peter Göckel appointed pre 2010 , no term limits (year to year per old and new constitution)

All nominees shall be Melges 24 boat owners and current full members of a National Class Association for the past two (2) years (one nominee per boat owner). 

At the same time submissions of motions on techincal, general or event related issues and bids for the future events are expected for the same deadline.

Please fill in the form what you'll find clicking here and send it to International Secretary/Class Administrator at  

More specific information on AGM you'll find clicking here