Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis 2009 Melges 24 World Championship

Race 7 away under P Flag in the lightest conditions possible. Boats hardly moving at the gun. Nevertheless twenty one boats were called over early. Following OCS boats failed to return: 69 Team Peacemaker Andrew Wills (USA) 62 Blu Moon Flavio Favini (ITA) 39 Brick House Peter Lane (USA) 23 Brick House Kristen Lane (USA) 40 Wilco! Dan Wilhelm (USA) 52 Scotch Bonnet Tony Beale (USA) 44 Zig Zag Henri Samuel (FRA) Terry Hutchinson won the battle for the pin but was a few feet early and having led the fleet out to the left for thirty seconds had to come back to restart.
RC are setting a four legged course based around a direction of 075. Could be tricky. It's pretty flat out here.
While we are waiting for the wind to arrive, here is a little introduction to the people who make up the IM24CA team here in Annapolis: Hank Stuart is the IMCA's Championship Coordinator. Having acted as PRO at our 05, 07 and 08 Worlds and the 06 North Americans Hank has huge experience of what the Class needs to make our championship racing successful. In his role as Championship Coordinator he works closing with our host clubs both in advance of the event and throughout the regattas.
Looks like we jinxed the early morning breeze. Conditions have dropped below five knots. RC on the hunt for some viable pressure. Put the coffee on. This could take a while.
Welcome to our Day 4 Coverage... Today looks like being a great sailing day here in Annapolis with ten to twelve knots of breeze already blowing out on the Chesapeake. Temperatures are on the chilly side and we have plenty of cloud cover but that is all good providing the breeze stays in. Only one update from yesterday's protests and that is the Argyle Campbell on Bow 45 Rock n Roll is scored DSQ in Race 6. The fleet are beginning to filter out of Ego Alley down at the City Dock and we are all set up and ready to head out there ourselves. We will get back to you when we
That concludes our coverage from Day 3. The fleet is heading in and we are about to follow. Thanks for watching today and we will be back on the water for more live coverage as the regatta goes into Day 4. We hope you will be able to join us! Provisional overall results after six races: 1 37/ ITA 777 Joefly Zandonà 6 [18] 3 1 1 4 15.00 1 2 55/ USA 655 West Marine Rigging / New England Ropes LARSON 5 2 [6] 4 2 3 16.00 2 3 34/ NOR 804 Full Medal Jacket Melleby 8 4 4 [22] 5 1 22.00 3 4 53/ USA 553 Event’s Clothing/Atlantis Hardesty 19 3 2 7 7 [38
Terry Hutchinson spotted flying Protest Flag. Eivind Melleby from Norway takes the gun comfortably from Italy's Nico Celon. Then: 65 Nico Celon (ITA) 55 Chris Larson (USA) 37 Gabrio Zandona (ITA) 39 Peter Lane (USA) 19 Zetzema Wietze (NED) 51 Terry Hutchinson (USA) 36 Christof Wieland (USA) Protests: Bow 11 protesting 59 Bow 16 protesting 757 Bow 17 protesting 60 45 57 radioed in their penalty turn. Videos coming...