Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis 2009 Melges 24 World Championship

Big drama here at the pin end of the line with Hutchinson, Zandona and Bressani amongst the six or so boats called over at this end. Larson done at the pin too but got away cleanly.
Five boats shut out at the pin including Hutchinson. von Blumencron attahed himself to pin boat. Team Barbarians got away well. In sequence for second attempt with I and Z penalty.
In sequence for Race 10. 4 legs, 2.0 nm at 200 degrees. Vis is poor. We cannot see RC boat clearly from pin end. Papa flag start.
OK we are out on the race area and despite the rain and fog shrouding the Chesapeake this morning, the good news is that we have double digit breeze blowing right now. RC are setting up their course at 200 with a two nautical mile first leg. Just announced short AP while they sort the line out. Current will be pushing fleet over the line so potential for recalls is high. Tide is making anchored RC boat sit at 90 degrees to the wind. Kind of lumpy out here too...
Will local hero Chris Larson remain cool and see off the Italian challenge? Who will win the battle to be best Euro boat between Joe Fly and Uka Uka Racing. Can Terry Hutchinson claw his way on to the podium on the final day? We know you will all have your own expert view on how the top three places will end up after racing today so why not share it with everyone by using the comment button on this post? Here is the current top ten to help you make your mind up: 1 55/ USA 655 West Marine Rigging / New England Ropes LARSON 5 2 6 4 2 3 [12] 2 8 32.00 1 2 37/ ITA 777 Joef
Happy Halloween! Good morning and welcome to our coverage of what could be a thrilling final day of racing at this Championship. The RC briefing this morning confirmed that the target will be to run three races if possible to complete the series. From a weather point of view this morning is possibly the most grey start to a race day we have seen but the forecast is for some double digit breeze today so fingers crossed for that. The RC just left the dock and we are about to follow them out on to the Chesapeake. Check back for more updates when we get out to the race area.
That concludes our coverage for today but be sure to join us tomorrow for what promises to be a windy conclusion to this regatta. Thanks for watching today and see you tomorrow. Provisional Overall Results after Nine Races: 1 55/ USA 655 West Marine Rigging / New England Ropes LARSON 5 2 6 4 2 3 [12] 2 8 32.00 1 2 37/ ITA 777 Joefly Zandonà 6 [18] 3 1 1 4 17 8 7 47.00 2 3 67/ ITA 787 UKA UKA racing Bressani 26 10 1 2 4 [30] 1 6 2 52.00 3 4 51/ USA 751 Quantum Racing / Gill Race Team Hutchinson 1 [38] 14 10 10 7 8 5 3 58.00 4 5 65/
This is the final race of the day. Leaders working left middle on final run. Favini leads still but under pressure from Bressani. Boats ghosting home in some nice late afternoon sunshine. At the finish: Favini Bressani Hutchinson 45 Campbell 70 Wills 65 Celon 37 Zandona overlapped with: 55 Larson Bow 21 Filter protesting 52 Beale ,69 Anosov (Reported 360 degree penalty turn completed)