Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis 2009 Melges 24 World Championship

1st Fantastica Nico Celon 2nd Events Clothing Atlantis Bill Hardesty 3rd UKA UKA Racing
Celon continues to lead from now UKA UKA Racing....
765 Fantastica Nico Celon ITA 679 Gannet Othmar Mueller von Blumencron USA 787 UKA UKA Racing Lorenzo Santini ITA 553 Events Clothing/Atlantis Bill Hardesty USA 795 Rock N Roll Argyle Campbell USA
I Flag start with individual recall... 42 ,66, 39 OCS 42 and 66 returned. 39 returned but failed to go around end of line.
General recall for start 1 led over the line by bow 16 in the middle of the line... Setting up for another start.
Heavy rain now across the entire race area. Visibility is less than a mile. RC nearly ready to go into sequence. UKA UKA Racing, Quantum, Full Throttle, Atlantis are all out here.
RC are setting up for a 1.5 mile first leg at a bearing of 180 degrees. Breeze is at about 12 -15 knots Looks like around 25 -30 boats are out here. Should be racing soon.
Hi everybody and welcome to our coverage of Day 1 of the Pre-Worlds Regatta.... We are onboard the RC boat and out at the race area to set up for racing. The early morning rain looks to have moved away and the skies are clearing quickly. Wind is at around 180 at about 15 knots. The sea is quite lumpy with a little swell thrown in for good measure. The first of the boats are beating out towads us, about ten minutes from getting here.